Petrobras’ CEO attends the International Energy Forum, in Oslo

The event in Norway marks the beginning of the mission to the Nordic countries, Denmark and the Netherlands will be visited next

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14/11/2023 20:25
Petrobras’ CEO attends the International Energy Forum, in Oslo Imagem: Divulgation Visualizações: 552

Petrobras’ CEO, Jean Paul Prates, participated, this Monday (11/13), in the International Energy Forum (IEF) 2023 in Oslo, Norway, where he spoke about the Brazilian scenario and the company’s new strategic drivers on the opening panel on oil and gas. Also in attendance were Energy Transition Officer, Maurício Tolmasquim; Norwegian Energy Partners’ CEO, Ann Christin Andersen; Norwegian Deputy Minister for Oil and Energy, Astrid Bergmål; Rystad Energy Director, Iben Fürst Frimann-Dahl; Equinor’s Vice-President and Global Head of Greenfield projects, Håvard Stensrud; and Aker Solutions’ CEO, Kjetel Digre.
“We are heavily involved in new projects, new potential in Brazil. We are very excited about our job and our mission of transforming Petrobras into a truly energy transition company in the country”, stated the CEO, Jean Paul Prates, at the event that represents his first activity in the mission to the Nordic countries.
The panel discussed what oil companies have done to reduce emissions and accelerate energy transition, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and improve public health and how this strategy also drives innovation, job creation and secures a sustainable future. Norway, Brazil and Guyana are the countries that are most likely to receive offshore investments in the coming years.
Moreover, on the strategic drivers, the CEO listed the main pillars: full focus on people; search for profitable assets and decarbonization of E&P; adaptation and improvement of the current refinery complex; sustainable development of the country; making use of production chains; and positioning Petrobras at the global forefront of energy transition.
“We are working on energy transition in parallel to our oil operations. We are looking for experienced companies with optimal technological solutions to approach and eventually establish partnerships that will help Brazil in this path”, concluded Prates.
The Energy Transition Officer, Maurício Tolmasquim, participated in the panel on opportunities in the hydrogen market (Exploring Hydrogen Market Opportunities - Global Trends, Financing, and Market Insights), where current global trends in hydrogen implementation, financing models and market outlook were presented, offering a broad understanding of the industry’s growth prospects, investment opportunities and market dynamics.
In the evening, the CEO spoke at SUMMIT IEF 2023, an event that is part of the IEF, aimed at senior executives and CEOs of energy companies. Tomorrow (11/14), Prates will participate in a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Oil and Energy of Norway, Terje Aasland, and will take part in a workshop at the Norwegian Export Financing Agency (EKSFIN), a company that is part of the Norwegian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Fisheries of.
Mission to the Nordic countries
In addition to Norway, the mission also includes agendas in Denmark and the Netherlands.  On Thursday (11/16), the CEO will visit the Danish Energy Agency. On the agenda are the regulatory environment, market perspectives, and restructuring of the renewable energy sector in the country.
To conclude the mission, on Monday (11/20), the CEO and the Logistics, Commercialization and Markets Officer, Cláudio Schlosser, will visit the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, for meetings and business opportunities, and Petrobras’ office in the same country.
The technical mission includes visits to local partner companies and suppliers. The agendas will be attended by the Brazilian ambassadors in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.
IEF 2023
The International Energy Forum (IEF) 2023 is a dynamic and interactive event showcasing the latest trends, technologies and strategies in the energy industries. It also addresses the main challenges and opportunities in the short and long term to drive growth and sustainability. The meeting ends tomorrow (14).

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