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Young Summit Rio Oil & Gas ends after three intense days of debate on the industry of the future

12/03/2021 | 17h18
Young Summit Rio Oil & Gas ends after three intense days of debate on the industry of the future
Divulgation Divulgation

The Young Summit Rio Oil & Gas closed its first edition this Thursday (12/2) with debates on digital transformation; career opportunities in the industries of tomorrow; the future of industry and climate and mental health. Topics such as companies can make the environment more welcoming for the new generation were also discussed; and investing in the energy transition through the sector's partnership with startups and the development of innovations.


Interaction with special guests at the round table 

Eduardo Chamusca, Global Director of Business Development at SBM Offshore, spoke about young professionals who already occupy a leadership position. "Energy and new thinking are some of the differentials that young people have. Those who do the same thing for decades can stay in the comfort zone and without innovation. An interesting balance involves the exchange of experiences between more experienced professionals and younger ones, which already enter the market with vast knowledge."


Rudimar Lorenzatto, an angel investor at Urca Angels and partner at Logitech, discussed the importance of mentoring for the development of startups. "After a long time at Petrobras, I realized that being in contact with the ideas that circulate in startups makes you learn a lot. At the same time, it opens up opportunities to share experiences in this innovative environment. This generational crossover is important to take advantage of the good that already exists. exists with the good of the new that is coming," he stated.


Mental health 

The search for a better model of work after the pandemic was one of the themes of the "We Need to Talk About Mental Health" session. For Flávio Freitas, medical coordinator at Seadrill and medical consultant at TotalEnergies, there was no time to plan the home office at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, he says, there is time to plan whether the work will continue in the home office, whether it will go back to being in person or whether a hybrid model will be adopted.


"Nobody prepared for the home office, it was an emergency. But now there is time to plan how the return to work will be", he defended. He also pointed out that, if on the one hand people gained more time for their personal activities, on the other hand, the home office generated a lot of stress due to unclear time limits, which led to cases of burnout. For those who liked the home office, Flávio recommends that the benefits be considered by companies. "It's important not to let these benefits disappear overnight.''


Psychological safety 

Some speakers, such as Daniele Jesus, psychologist and psychoanalyst, leader of the trainee program at Univeler, addressed the need to build "psychological safety" for company employees. This involves, for example, being able to speak out in relation to a project. "You have to build a lot of psychological security so that someone can make their point or for the employee to go to the health service because they are on the verge of burnout," she explained.


Marco André Mezzasalma, a psychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry at UFRJ, said that the culture of talking about mental health began to enter the corporate agenda. "Today, many companies have a professional who takes care of managing the mental health of employees as a whole," he commented.


Lisandro Gaertner, manager of Commissions and Knowledge Management Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP), addressed the issue of guilt in the workplace. "Creative idleness has been taken out of our lives. There is little space on the agendas and the home office has been putting one meeting after another," he said.


Júlia Braz, clinical psychologist and postgraduate in existential phenomenology, reinforced the need for a balance between work and personal life.


The industry careers of tomorrow 

''The professional of the future will be diverse, in a plural sector and in tune with their soft skills. It is this scenario that will lead us to global and integrated solutions''. The declaration is from Ana Flavia Gomide, petroleum engineering student at the Federal University of Sergipe and Youth Ambassador for the UN. Ana was one of the speakers in the 'The Industry of Tomorrow's Careers' pillar.


For Juliano Mesquita Loureiro, global head of HR at Petrobras, "the oil and gas industry is an industry that is evolving and adapting to everything that is happening in the world". Traditional careers, such as those in geology, geoscience and engineering, will remain strong, but there will be an evolution. "There is a crossover of activities, a mobility of professionals, an exchange between careers," he said.


Carla Diniz, director of People and Management at NTS and chair of the Young Summit Rio Oil & Gas, and Christiano Lins, head of Innovation at Subsea 7, were part of the guest team for the final roundtable chat in the studio.


Christiano, who has parallel careers, commented on the young professional with a generalist education and who later specializes in a specific area. "The future of work is focused on being more diverse, with a more general perspective to solve more and more complex problems, this professional model aligns with this objective."


Carla highlighted the possibilities for women to enter the sector. "There was no bathroom, no women's uniform when I entered the market. Today, we can say that we have advanced, but we still need to do more. There are still people repeating today that there are no women in engineering to be hired, but the women are studying and graduating. In some courses, we are already a little more than 50% of women," she concluded.


All sessions are available for free on On Demand on the exclusive Rio Oil & Gas platform. Discussions aimed at young audiences will return at the Arena Young Summit, which will be at Rio Oil & Gas, directly from Pier Mauá, a port area in Rio de Janeiro, from September 26th to 29th, 2022.


The event was sponsored by Petrobras, TotalEnergies, NTS, Prumo and TechnipFMC, in addition to the participation of the Federal Government.

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