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With an expected investment of R $ 1.8 billion, Copergás and Golar will take GN to Agreste Meridional and Sertão

03/18/2020 | 15h34
With an expected investment of R $ 1.8 billion, Copergás and Golar will take GN to Agreste Meridional and Sertão
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Consolidated as a regional logistics hub, Pernambuco, through Copergás, took an important step in establishing a new natural gas supply hub in the Northeast. And the achievement of this differential to attract new private investments was sealed on Friday (13), with the signing of a protocol of intentions between the State Government and Golar Power Brasil, a company of the Golar Group - one of the largest companies of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) logistics in the world, for the implementation of a terminal at the Suape Port Industrial Complex. The private contribution will be R $ 1.8 billion, with the prospect of generating 300 direct and indirect jobs.


The Company will work in partnership with Golar to internalize natural gas in regions of the State that are not yet served by traditional networks. With the start of operations scheduled for the second half of this year, the Local Network Project foresees an infrastructure for supplying natural fuel to generate electricity, in addition to meeting the demands of industries, commerce, LNG / LNG stations and homes.


Petrolina, in the Sertão do São Francisco, and Garanhuns, in Agreste Meridional, will be the first cities to be served by the local network. Copergás will build the distribution station and the networks that will supply the fuel within the two municipalities. The total investment in these projects is R $ 15.9 million, of which R $ 3.2 million in 2020 and the remainder in 2021.


“This agreement with Golar will implement what is the priority of the Paulo Câmara and Copergás Government: internalizing the distribution of natural gas, increasing our competitiveness and helping to attract new ventures to the State. In addition to being more economical and safer, NG is more sustainable than other fuels. These advantages will be available to a greater number of people from Pernambuco and Pernambuco ”, says Copergás' CEO, André Campos.


The Petrolina Project will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 will serve the Petrolina Industrial District, including the construction of a LNG regasification station (transformation from liquid natural gas to gaseous form), a metering station, pressure reduction and gas odorization and the construction of 6, 80 km of natural gas distribution networks through High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tubes. Industrial customers and CNG Stations will be served, with investments estimated at R $ 3.2 million. The forecast is to distribute the gas by the end of this year.


Phase 2, in turn, will take the gas distribution network from the Industrial District, to the Petrolina Waterfront, to the city center and also towards the airport. This expansion aims to reach the residential, commercial, vehicular and industrial segments located outside that location. The construction will include the installation of approximately 30 kilometers of natural gas distribution networks through High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, with an estimated investment of R $ 9.3 million with a 12-month execution schedule, projected to start in February 2021.


In Garanhuns, a LNG regasification station, a metering, pressure reduction and gas odorization station and the distribution network in High Density Polyethylene tubes will be built. Industrial customers and CNG stations will be served. Restaurants and hotels are planned in a second phase. The planned investment is R $ 3.4 million with a six-month execution schedule, starting in the next semester.

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