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"We show the world that we are part of the solution", says Minister Joaquim Leite

11/18/2021 | 16h52
"We show the world that we are part of the solution", says Minister Joaquim Leite
Divulgation Divulgation

The meeting of the Parliamentary Agricultural Front (FPA), this Wednesday (17), received the Minister of the Environment, Joaquim Leite (photo), to discuss the backstage of the Climate Conference, held in Glasgow, between the 31/ 12 and 12/11. The parliamentary bench also debated about biofuels and the difficulties that the sector has faced in relation to the topic.

Minister Joaquim Leite highlighted Brazil's firmness in the negotiations carried out at the Climate Conference and stressed the importance of bringing the country's true image to the world. "We show that we are part of the solution for sustainability, depollution and the green economy. The other countries understand that they need us to negotiate and advance in environmental agendas," he said.

Joaquim pointed out that all the strategies were drawn up long before the trip and that the intention was always to put Brazil in charge of the actions, as one of the engines of the planet. "I've heard a few times that we should stop the world to take care of the environment. I think we need to speed up the world, to create jobs, technologies, advance in research and, with that, be able to balance environmental issues."

The Brazilian agricultural sector, according to the minister, will lead in the example of reducing gas emissions, reducing deforestation, among other essential factors for a harmonious environment. "We showed that our policy is sustainable and that we are already doing our part. We will continue playing the game, always with the help of agro, a sector that no other country has equal".

In addition to behind-the-scenes strategies, the head of the Environment Ministry reminded participants that the Brazilian stand set up at the event was a success, and attracted not only those interested in negotiating, but also those who were impressed by the news presented by the country. "We present biofuel, which was certainly a beautiful calling card. In addition to being the best in the world, it is part of the green economy that we talk about so much and that we want to include Brazil as a protagonist. I am sure that we will make a fair transition between fossil fuels and biofuels", concluded Joaquim.

The president of the FPA, deputy Sérgio Souza (MDB-PR), took advantage of the reference made by Joaquim in relation to biofuels to express the sector's concern on the subject. For the deputy, biofuels is a topic that, if not well taken care of, will die. "All national biodiesel has superior quality than any other produced around the world. It is essential to explain that costs in the future will be much higher if we do not adopt a new policy in relation to bioinputs", he emphasized.

According to Sérgio Souza, inviting people to the debate becomes fundamental in clarifying doubts and finding short-term solutions. I believe this is not just a legislative issue. We are doing our part in Congress, but it is crucial that the whole society can learn about the seriousness of the matter", he concluded.

In the understanding of deputy Pedro Lupion (DEM-PR), "this is the most challenging moment in the biodiesel policy". According to the congressman, the country is destined to witness the end of an essential sector, for lack of predictability. "We presented this idea to the world through the COP and the world is moving towards the end of fossil fuels. Internally, however, we still can't please in the same way", he lamented.

The coordinator of infrastructure and logistics at FPA, deputy Arnaldo Jardim (Cidadania-SP), recalls the need to look at biofuels as a solution to social, economic and environmental issues. "Because we believe in the advantages, we formalized the Biocoalition in defense of biofuels. There is international pressure and unrealistic arguments, but we have studies that prove the effectiveness of what we defend", he guaranteed.

Federal Deputy Zé Silva (SD-MG), who was present in Glasgow for the Climate Conference, celebrated Brazil's participation and highlighted the negotiating power of Joaquim Leite. "I can say that Brazil was right on all points, from the stand presenting the real Brazil, to the negotiations well carried out by the minister. Those who thought that our country could not be competitive, have now changed their mind," he concluded.

The next meeting with parliamentarians from the Agricultural Parliamentary Front is scheduled for Tuesday (23), and will once again be attended by minister Joaquim Leite. At the next meeting, issues exclusively related to COP-26 and the consequences of the signed agreements will be discussed.

Font: T&B Petroleum/The Parliamentary Agricultural Front
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