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The challenge is to generate energy with the least environmental impact

10/14/2021 | 19h45
The challenge is to generate energy with the least environmental impact
Divulgation Divulgation

“Our objective, at each event, is always to bring impartial and quality information, allowing for a frank and open debate. In the case of the 1st Decarbonization Seminar at E&P, above all, we are bringing into 'our house', our industry, with the technical level that marks all SPE debates, a discussion apparently hostile to the oil sector professional . The intention is to show that decarbonization does not mean removing carbon from the hydrocarbon, but taking advantage of all our expertise to generate energy with less impact on the environment, also contributing to reduce unacceptable global energy poverty", highlights the president of the SPE Section Brazil , Carlos Alberto Pedroso (photo), when talking about the “1st Decarbonization Seminar at E&P”, which will take place between October 18 and 22, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm (see schedule and registration here 1st Seminar of Decarbonization in E&P)


The initiative aims to help this process advance in the oil and gas industry. “It won't be easy, neither quick nor unanimous. This is the great contribution of the SPE, as an independent and pluralist association, without parallel interests, with great capillarity, which will bring the greatest specialists to deepen the discussions at a necessary and eminently technical level, without trends. This convinces! Attracts! Like many others, this will be a milestone to be repeated by other O&G institutions”, recognizes Pedroso, who is a Master Petroleum Engineer at Enauta.


He stresses that the promotion of this debate is extremely timely, reflecting also the changes that have been made within the entity itself. “SPE Brasil created the Sustainability and Energy Transition Directorate last year, before this great global movement, partially catalyzed by the EIA (International Energy Agency) Roadmap to Net Zero, which placed the theme in all O&G discussions. But it was necessary to mature, attract the right people, deepen discussions, etc., to provide quality concepts. It couldn't be faster or take longer. I think this is the right moment”, concludes the manager.


Carlos Alberto Pedroso and EPE's Director of Petroleum Studies, Heloísa Borges, are the chairs of the opening session - Decarbonization at E&P: Where are we? ), Rodolfo Saboia; the chairman of the Executive Committee of the OGCI (Oil and Gas Climate Initiative), Bjorn Sverdrup; IHS Markit's vice president for Global Energy and International Affairs, Carlos Pascual, and World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) program manager, Zubin Bamji. Selected questions submitted by the audience will be forwarded to speakers.


The 1st Decarbonization Seminar at E&P promoted by SPE Section Brazil is sponsored by Aker Solutions, Equinor, Enauta and TotalEnergies, supported by TN Petróleo (media partner), NGO Green Initiative ( and SPE Solidária, and institutional support from the SPE Gaia Sustainability Program ( ).

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