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Transfer of Rights

Special Bidding Committee for the Second Round of the Transfer of Rights is approved by the ANP

06/18/2021 | 12h03

The ANP Collegiate Board approved yesterday (06/17) the composition of the Special Tender Commission (CEL) of the Second Round of Tenders for the Surplus Volumes of the Transfer of Rights under the Production Sharing regime, scheduled for 12/17. The Committee members are responsible for conducting, in its external phase, the bidding procedures related to the round, such as registration and qualification of participating companies and conducting the public bidding session.


The CEL of the Second Round of Bidding for the Surplus Volumes of the Transfer of Rights will be composed of the following effective members:


- Luciano Ricardo da Silva Lobo, from the Deputy Superintendent of Technical Data, representative of the ANP, who will chair the Commission;


- Ana Karolina Muniz Figueredo, Regulation Technician, representative of the ANP, who will be the vice president of CEL;


- Felicíssimo Cardoso Neto, from the Financial and Budget Management Superintendence, representing the ANP;


- Clarissa Brandão Kowarski, Professor and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) and researcher at the Law Faculty of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), representative of the society; and


- Diane Mara Ferreira Varanda Rangel, professor, environmental consultant, master from the Sustainable Development Center of the University of Brasília. Graduated in Environmental Management - Estácio de Sá University and majoring in Economics at Universidade Paulista - UNIP.


The representative of the Federal Attorney's Office will be Artur Watt Neto.


The guidelines of the Second Round of Bidding for Excess Volumes of the Transfer of Rights are provided for in CNPE Resolution No. 3/2021, which sought to bring more predictability, attractiveness and competitiveness to the new round, in order to ensure the best result for the Union.


CNPE Resolution No. 05/2021 authorized the ANP to carry out the round and established the technical and economic parameters for the establishment of the signature bonus and minimum oil percentage for the Union. Signature bonus values (amounts paid by companies to signing of the contract) will be R$7.13 billion for Sépia and R$4 billion for Atapu. The minimum percentages of the Union's oil surplus will be: for the Sépia field, 15.02% and, for Atapu, 5.89%.


The ANP has placed for public consultation, until 6/28, the pre-bid for the Second Round, which contains the drafts of the contract (link to the consultation)


Learn more about Transfer of Rights and the Second Round of Bidding for Transfer of Rights Surplus Volumes, click here!

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