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Solar energy generates three times more benefits than costs to Brazilians

01/09/2020 | 15h31

Unpublished survey by the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ABSOLAR), based on official data from government agencies, shows that the benefits provided by solar energy in distributed generation help all Brazilian consumers and the economy of the country.


The entity's analysis points out that for every $ 1 invested in small and medium-sized photovoltaic systems used to supply homes, businesses, industries, rural properties and public buildings, the sector returns more than $ 3 in electrical, economic, social and environmental issues to Brazilians.


The calculation was made based on data from investments made in the area since 2012, taking into account the increase in revenues of federal, state and municipal governments resulting from these contributions and the generation of new jobs and income in the country with the business and projects developed in the country. period, among other important indicators. Such attributes, the entity points out, were left out of account by both the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and the Ministry of Economy.


Since 2012, Brazilian consumers have invested over R $ 8.4 billion in solar photovoltaic distributed generation systems. Private investment by the population added an operating power of over 1.9 gigawatt (GW), spread across more than 70% of Brazilian municipalities. In 2019 alone, ABSOLAR estimates that the segment created 92 jobs per day in the country. In the accumulated, there are already more than 100 thousand jobs.


These systems help alleviate the operation of the Brazilian electric matrix, saving water from hydroelectric dams and reducing the use of expensive and polluting thermoelectric dams, bringing savings even to citizens who have never invested in solar energy.


“It is important to note that the money saved in the solar consumer's electricity bill is reinjected into the economy and helps to move the commerce and service sectors, heating local economic activity. Surprising that the Ministry of Economy has not even made an account of these and other benefits to our country's economy. Who is interested in this type of incomplete account? ”Asks Ronaldo Koloszuk, Chairman of ABSOLAR's Board of Directors.


If current rules are maintained, ABSOLAR projects that distributed photovoltaic solar generation could add more than $ 13.3 billion in net benefits to all electricity consumers by 2035. Benefits include energy savings from energy savings, reduced losses transmission and distribution and contract reduction of new generation plants.


Therefore, the entity argues that all the benefits of distributed solar photovoltaic generation should be properly valued. “The time has come, therefore, for Brazil to make full accounts and establish a transparent, stable, predictable and fair legal framework that will end the legal uncertainty hanging over the market. The Executive and the National Congress were in tune with the desires of 93% of Brazilians who want to generate clean and renewable energy on their roofs, ”says Rodrigo Sauaia, CEO of ABSOLAR.


“Analyzes should include, for example, postponing investments in electricity transmission and distribution, relieving neighborhood networks, generating jobs and income, diversifying the power matrix and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, among many others. benefits that far outweigh any eventual costs of distributed generation, ”concludes Sauaia.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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