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Scania delivers the first CNG / biomethane-powered trucks

05/29/2020 | 20h39
Scania delivers the first CNG / biomethane-powered trucks
Divulgation Scania Divulgation Scania

Yesterday, May 28, 2020 enters the history of the national auto industry, as it celebrates the delivery of the first trucks powered by natural gas (CNG) and / or biomethane from Brazil. There were two R 410 6x2 models for RN Express and two R 410 6x2 for Jomed LOG. The four will be used by the two São Paulo companies to transport L’Oréal products. Casa Scania Codema, from Guarulhos (SP), was responsible for the sale, delivery and will take care of the operational support and maintenance of the vehicles.


“This moment is of great joy for Scania in Brazil and in the world. Celebrating the delivery of the first gas trucks proves that we are on the right track leading the shift to a more sustainable transportation system, ”says Silvio Munhoz, Scania's commercial director in Brazil. “Scania, RN Express and Jomed LOG together go down in history, proving that they are, in fact, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions on the planet. We are sure that these two carriers and their shippers will serve as models for other companies. ”




RN Express was the carrier that purchased the first truck powered by vehicular natural gas (CNG) and / or biomethane from Brazil, at Fenatran, in October 2019. The two R 410s will be used on the São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro route to transportation of products from the French L'Oréal. The company also serves customers Nespresso, Samsung, HP, Nestlé, Starbucks and others. Likewise, Jomed LOG purchased its two models at the International Transport Show, which will transfer cargo to L’Oréal on a similar route.


Delivery on May 26 at Guarulhos Codema 

The Scania dealer network is being prepared to give full support to gas trucks. No major changes are required in the Houses to receive the most sustainable vehicles. Among the mandatory items are special boxes, tools and check-list, which will be implemented over the next few months.


Guarulhos Codema is ready to serve the trucks. On May 26th, the models were delivered in person to RN and Jomed. “It was undoubtedly a historic moment for Scania and Codema. Performing the delivery ceremony, during the coronavirus quarantine period, was a challenge that counted on maximum security. The trucks need to run in order to comply with the agreements and customers could not wait to have these more sustainable models circulating on the roads ”, says Eronildo Santos, general director of Scania's captive houses, formed by the Codema (SP and MG) concessionaires, Cavese (SC) and Suvesa (RS). “We will provide all the support for the operation of the customers. We will guarantee the maintenance on time and the availability of the fleet. ”


The R 410 is equipped with the most modern technologies on the market present in Scania's New Generation, which started selling in February 2019. In addition to the connectivity package to make the operation even more profitable, train drivers and help customers in management more assertive and economical vehicle. Companies chose the Performance Package to take full advantage of Scania Connected Services. Performance, which offers a very competitive cost in the market, allows real-time monitoring of both the vehicle and the way of driving, individually, and guarantees an immediate return on investment. Scania Connected Services is a smart way to manage your fleet and primarily control operating costs.


The new Scania heavy trucks powered by natural gas (CNG) and / or biomethane are designed for medium and long distances. Its engines are Ciclo Otto (the same concept as automobiles) and built to be 100% gas and biomethane, or using a mixture of both. The engines are not converted from diesel to gas, have a factory guarantee and reliable technology, with consistent performance and strength similar to the diesel truck. In addition to being 20% quieter.

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