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Natural Gas

Reduction between 15.7% and 19.5% of the NG tariff, as of August 1, is a highlight for unions and Firjan

07/31/2020 | 17h40

Firjan and industry unions hope that the reduction in natural gas tariffs will contribute to the increase in energy consumption in the state. Naturgy announced a reduction in the rate of natural gas in the state of Rio between 15.7% and 19.5%, as of Saturday, August 1. For CNG, the cut will be 19.2%.


This is the third reduction in tariffs in 2020 and at a time of crisis, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, it serves to increase the competitiveness of the industries in Rio de Janeiro. At the beginning of the month, Firjan launched the study “Rio ao todos Gás” ( ), a document with proposals to unlock investments in natural gas, which can reach up to R $ 45 billion in the state. Rio de Janeiro is the largest producer of energy and natural gas is of fundamental importance as a strategic fuel in the economic recovery of the country and the state, especially in the post-pandemic.


“The reduction in the price of natural gas is fundamental for companies in Rio de Janeiro and throughout the country to be more competitive. This action is already part of the measures in the new natural gas market, but there is room for the cost to fall further. For this reason, we defend the approval as soon as possible of the new regulatory framework for natural gas under way in the National Congress ”, highlights the president of Firjan Leste Fluminense, Luiz Césio Caetano.


According to him, in the accumulated result for the year, the tariff on natural gas has already reduced by around 36%, but more is still needed if international prices are being met. Caetano highlights the work of the Gas Nucleus, the Federation's Oil and Gas Business Council, together with Petrobras, Naturgy, ANP and Agenersa to reduce the cost of the natural gas molecule.


"The reduction is also influenced by the price of the dollar and the barrel of oil. There may still be a change in criteria and parameters in the cost of natural gas, benefiting the whole society," adds Caetano, who is also president of the Union of the Oil Refining Industry. Salt in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Already Celso Mattos, president of the Union of the Vehicle and Accessories Repair Industry of the State of Rio (Sindirepa), says that with the reduction from tomorrow the cut for Natural Gas (CNG) will be 19.2%. The expectation, according to the leader, is that the price at gas stations will drop by at least R $ 0.36. Thus, the price of pumps would average between R $ 1.50 and R $ 1.60 for CNG users.


“It is very important for the industry, for installers and for society that the stations make the full transfer, after all the margins are already established and the moment is for cooperation to stimulate this important fuel. We are coming out of a difficult period, this reduction and the opening of the gas market will stimulate competitiveness in Brazil, especially in Rio, the city that leads the number of CNG installations ”, says Mattos.

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