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Reduc breaks production record for S-10 diesel with 149,168 m³ in August

09/16/2020 | 18h21
Reduc breaks production record for S-10 diesel with 149,168 m³ in August
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In August 2020, the Duque de Caxias - Reduc Refinery achieved a record low diesel production with low sulfur content (S10). In the month, 149,168 m³ of Diesel S10 were produced, exceeding by more than 12% the previous mark, of May 2015, when the refinery produced 132,852 m³ of the derivative.


With the reduction in demand for aviation kerosene (QAV), the refinery bet on a new formulation of Diesel S10, destining this load to be mixed with derivatives of lower added value, obtaining the final result of Diesel S10. The reliability of Reduc's production, combined with the implementation of the S10 flow through cabotage in August this year, made it possible to achieve this new brand.


The records of Diesel S10 follow the evolution of the engines of heavy-duty and utility vehicles powered by diesel, responsible for most of the circulation of goods in the Brazilian territory. Currently, there are two types of road diesel in Brazil: Diesel S10 and Diesel S500, the latter being used only by vehicles manufactured until 2011.


The capacity of Reduc's diesel hydrotreating units is 5,000 thousand m³ / day. These units are of high technology and promote the reduction of the sulfur content and improvement of the product performance with positive impacts in the reduction of contaminants for the environment. Because of this process, the use of Diesel S10 allows a reduction in emissions of sulfur compounds and an improvement in ignition quality. In addition to the difference in sulfur content, the products have specific characteristics, such as the difference in cetane number, an index that measures the quality of ignition, that is, the higher the better. In S10, the index reaches 48, while in S500 it is 42.


Font: T&B Petroleum/Petrobras Agency
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