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Public hearing to debate resolution on decommissioning takes place tomorrow (08/01) at ANP

01/07/2020 | 18h15
Public hearing to debate resolution on decommissioning takes place tomorrow (08/01) at ANP
Divulgation Divulgation

The ANP holds on Wednesday (8/1), at 10am, public hearing on the proposed regulation on decommissioning of exploration and production facilities and disposal and reversal of assets. The hearing will be at the ANP headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.


The subject went through a 45-day public consultation. Contributions received at the consultation and information about the hearing can be found on the Public Consultation and Hearing page 24/2019.


Decommissioning occurs when there is no longer economic interest from the operating company in the activity or end of life of production facilities and is not necessarily associated with the return of areas.



The initiative provides for the revision of ANP Resolutions 27/2006, 28/2006 and 25/2014, in order to adapt its contents to the latest technical advances of the industry in relation to the subject and to objectively establish the set of information and documents to be submitted by the concessionaire companies to the ANP. It also includes the decision criteria to be considered in the discussion of facility removal.


The motion for a resolution is the result of a joint effort between the ANP, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) and the Brazilian Navy (MB).

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