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Pre-Sal Petróleo promotes its first organizational change

10/16/2020 | 17h22

Pré-Sal Petróleo (PPSA) promotes its first organizational change, redefining the areas in which it operates. The initiative was planned to meet the increased demand for work over the past two years. When the structure was created, in 2013, the company managed only the Libra production sharing contract and had 30 self-employed employees. Today there are 17 contracts, 58 employees and about 30 service providers. The changes are part of the new internal regulations of the company and were approved by the Board of Directors.


In the new structure, Paulo Carvalho, Technical and Inspection Director, is responsible for the Exploration, Reservoirs and Development and Production superintendencies. Before, only the Development superintendency was on its board. The rest were under the command of the Contract Management director, Osmond Coelho Junior. The superintendence of Oil and Gas Commercialization and the Information Technology management that were under the command of Carvalho passed to the Director of Administration, Finance and Corporate Support, Samir Awad, who also continues to be responsible for the HR and Corporate Support, Control departments and Finance and Bidding and Contracts.


Osmond Coelho Junior remains responsible for the seven Executive Contract managements, which are responsible for the leadership and management of production sharing contracts, as well as for representing the Union in the procedures for individualizing production. These managers preside over the Operational Committees of the production sharing contracts consortia. On its board of directors, there is also the Technical Coordination of Project and Contract Management, in addition to a Special Advisory.


Check out the new organization chart:

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