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Petrobras presents the 6th cycle of the Commitment to Life to companies in the oil sector

11/18/2021 | 17h32
Petrobras presents the 6th cycle of the Commitment to Life to companies in the oil sector
Divulgation Divulgation

The executive manager of Safety, Environment and Health (HSE) at Petrobras, Joelson Mendes, presented on November 10th the 6th cycle of the Commitment to Life, a program launched by the company in 2016 that brings together a set of focused initiatives. in the prevention of accidents and the preservation of life and the environment. The disclosure took place on a benchmarking panel with representatives of companies in the oil sector, during the Petrobras HSE and Climate Congress, the company's event aimed at its workforce.

With the adoption of the Commitment to Life by Petrobras, the TAR indicator (rate of accidents per million man-hours) of the company, which was 2.2 in 2015, was reduced to 0.56 in the third quarter of this year. In the last cycle, the implementation of produced water reinjection systems in eight platforms is also noteworthy, which reduced the discharge of 30 million m³ of this effluent, and a drop of approximately 50% in the number of fuel theft in pipelines.

On the benchmarking panel “Culture of Excellence in Safety, Environment, Health and Climate – what is your company doing to get there?”, Joelson highlighted the implementation of the Petrobras Journey of Human Factors as the main innovation of the program. to strengthen mutual trust, a fair culture with a focus on learning, making the company more resilient. “On this journey, we have a principle that people create security. We have to treat them with respect, with transparency, to guarantee the security we need in our operations”, stated the executive manager.


Representatives of other companies in the sector also presented, during the panel, their pillars, values, actions and goals that contribute to the prevention of accidents, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of employee health, especially in the scenario of Covid-19 pandemic. “The participation of external speakers brought us quality information, which is very relevant. In relation to the pandemic, we can see how the oil industry responds well to the problems. The way in which we managed to take care of people's health and maintain our operations was fantastic”, explained the executive manager of SMS at Petrobras.


Petrobras HSE and Climate Congress 2021

The holding of the Petrobras HSE and Climate 2021 Congress shows how Petrobras promotes the pursuit of excellence in health and safety throughout the supply chain. The event, 100% online, brought together more than 4,000 people and featured the presentation of 120 works by employees and 40 guest lectures, including internal and external professionals, partners, suppliers and startups.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Petrobras Agency
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