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Petrobras on Eligibility Committee Meeting

06/22/2022 | 14h57
Petrobras on Eligibility Committee Meeting
Divulgation Divulgation

Petrobras informs that the Eligibility Committee (CELEG) received this afternoon (21) the necessary reports to analyze the nomination of Mr. Caio Mário Paes de Andrade (photo) for the presidency of Petrobras based on the Company's governance rules and applicable legislation. The CELEG meeting is scheduled to take place in the afternoon of June 24, 2022.


The Elegibility Committee is composed of the members of the Board of Directors and People's Committee (COPE): Mr. Francisco Petros (Chairman of CELEG) and Mr. Luiz Henrique Caroli, and by the external members of COPE: Ms. Ana Silvia Matte and Mr. Tales Bronzato. In addition, as provided for in the Internal Regulations of COPE, the Board Member Marcelo Mesquita, elected by the minority preferred shareholders, was invited for the respective nomination agenda.

Font: Petrobras Agency
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