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Petrobras' Guapiaçu Project plans to plant 130,000 more seedlings from the Atlantic Forest

09/22/2020 | 18h18

Arbor Day, celebrated on 9/21, arrives with important brands for Petrobras. One of them is the Guapiaçu project, at the Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve, in Cachoeiras de Macacu (RJ), sponsored by the company, which plans to restore another 100 hectares with 130 thousand seedlings of native species from the Atlantic Forest. 160 hectares of degraded areas have already been restored (equivalent to 160 football fields) with the planting of 300 thousand seedlings since 2013.


In addition to the work of planting Atlantic Forest species, some of which are threatened with extinction, there was the introduction of a female tapir into the reserve. For over 100 years without tapir registration in Rio de Janeiro, the largest Brazilian land mammal has an important role in seed dispersal. These animals known as gardeners of the forest, also became mascots of Guapiaçu, baptized as Antônia and Antônio, to assist in the environmental education of early childhood children. Three more tapirs are expected to be reintroduced. The Guapiaçu project has already involved more than 26 thousand people with environmental education activities (visits, seminars, courses).


The Guapiaçu project integrates with the Uçá, Meros do Brasil, Coral Vivo and Coastal Islands projects the Águas da Guanabara Conservation Network (Redagua).


Value Forests and Sowing Sustainability


The Forests of Value Program, developed by Imaflora (Institute for Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification), implanted 82 hectares (area equivalent to 82 football fields) with Agroecological Systems for agricultural production, in a consortium of fruit and forest species with blocks annual crops, directly benefiting 89 families. The work was carried out in the Pará municipalities of Oriximiná, Alenquer and São Félix do Xingu, between January 2019 and July 2020.


For the implementation of the Systems, in addition to enabling the preparation of areas without the use of fire, the project made 25,642 seedlings of forest and fruit species viable. In addition, the project donated green manure seeds (Crotalária spectabilis) to the beneficiary families and is making it possible to fertilize the implanted areas with liquid biofertilizer.


The Semeando Sustentabilidade project, in turn, operates in Rondônia in the municipalities of Porto Velho, Candeias, Itapuã do Oeste, Cujubim and Rio Crespo, produced 200 thousand seedlings of forest and fruit species and recovered 65 hectares (corresponding to 65 soccer fields) ), in addition to the maintenance of another 71 hectares in the current phase.


Petrobras Social and Environmental Program 

The Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program structures Petrobras' voluntary investments, defining thematic areas, objectives and guidelines in multi-annual planning and, in 2019, involved investments of approximately R $ 100 million.


In the Climate line, the consolidated result of 15 projects supported by the company, accounted for the potential contribution of 850 thousand tons of CO2 in the recovered or conserved areas, in addition to the social and environmental benefits associated and distributed in five Brazilian biomes (Amazon, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, Caatinga and Pampa). Further information can be found in the Sustainability Report available on the page (


Polo GasLub 

By the end of August, about 330 hectares of Atlantic Forest, equivalent to about 370 soccer fields, had been planted in the inner area of the GasLub Polo, in Itaboraí (RJ), and by the end of this year, there will be about 880 thousand seedlings of native trees to recover a total area of 400 hectares.


But the environmental focus is not only on the intramural part of the project. Petrobras will also invest in the Florestas do Amanhã project, an initiative of the government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, which aims to plant 1,100 hectares of Atlantic Forest in 20 conservation units spread across the State of Rio de Janeiro. The initiative will use part of the approximately R $ 400 million to be made available by Petrobras to the state, through the Polo GasLub. So far, R $ 218.5 million has been transferred by the company and the rest will be transferred until the end of this year.


Both the internal planting and the external project are part of the commitments assumed within the scope of the licensing and approval processes of the enterprise.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Petrobras Agency
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