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International Relations

Partnerships with countries reinforce Ceará's strategy

01/09/2020 | 17h49
Partnerships with countries reinforce Ceará's strategy
Photo: Carlos Gibaja/Ceará State Government Photo: Carlos Gibaja/Ceará State Government

The United States, China, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Nicaragua and Vietnam were the countries that knew the potential of Ceará in 2019, either through official government missions or diplomatic visits. from these countries to the state. Consolidating itself as a strategic point of entry and exit in Brazil to the world, Ceará has been looking for new partners in several continents to boost areas of its social and economic development.


The process of internationalization of Ceará's economy is already a reality. Governor Camilo Santana has mastered major projects of international origin that are in full development, such as Trinca de Hubs - Air France-KLM-Gol's air connection hub; the technology hub with a data cable center led by the multinational Angola Cables through Ceará; and the port hub, with the entrance of Port of Rotterdam as a shareholder in Pecém Port. In addition, acting also transversally with the other secretariats and state agencies, the Ceará Government's Office of International Affairs has been increasingly encouraging the relationship with strategic partners in the countries aiming at the generation of new opportunities that can add experiences of success to Ceará.




According to the Secretary of International Affairs of the Government of Ceará, Cesar Ribeiro, in 2019, several doors were opened to the state, with Governor Camilo Santana ahead showing why Ceará is a strategic place to receive investments and international partnerships. “When Ceará launches into the world to show its potential, strengthens its international relations and its connections with governments, people and institutions and we are doing much more than diplomacy and investment prospecting, we are also exchanging experiences and seeking to learn from successful situations. We have the opportunity to know what is best practiced in the world in the area of technological innovation, education, health, public safety, research, management. And this exchange brings many positive results, ”said Ribeiro.


In 2019, the Government of Ceará carried out missions to the United States, Portugal, China, Singapore, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. These missions include actions in the areas of education; infrastructure; health; public security; attraction of investments; management, among others. In contrast, the Government of Ceara received visits from ambassadors from Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Nicaragua and Vietnam, as well as consuls from Argentina, Cuba, France and the United States.


At the local level, the Government of Ceará promoted a rapprochement with the Consular Society, made up of representatives of 24 honorary consulates of the countries Germany, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, United States, Ecuador, Finland , France, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay.


Education: Student Exchanges Programs 

In the area of Education, the highlights are the first cultural exchange held with a class of ten students and the director of the Full Time High School (EEMTI) Almiro da Cruz, located in Barbalha, who participated in the “” - International Week of Cultural and Artistic Youth Exchange in Dalian, China, which took place from August 14-19, with the participation of about 20 countries. The action took place due to a Protocol of Intent signed in April 2019 by Governor Camilo Santana, between the Government of Ceara and the Municipal Government of Dalian to exchange youth students. According to Secretary Cesar Ribeiro, this protocol is expected to be extended to the sports areas, following the mission of Deputy Governor Izolda Cela and Secretary of State Education, Eliana Estrela, to Dalian, in November 2019, when got to know the Chinese education system at various levels.


In Singapore, now a reference in education worldwide, in September 2019, the Governor, Deputy Governor Izolda Cela and the Chief Secretary of the Civil House, Élcio Batista, attended the Meeting on People Management and Education. , promoted by the Lemann Foundation.


For 2020, in the area of education, the expectation is in the Estudar Fora program, which provides state high school students to participate in language courses abroad. Together with the State Department of Education (Seduc), the International Affairs Office has been working with the diplomatic authorities to make the exchange operational.


Public safety: Ceará's positive experience highlighted at Harvard 

In the area of public safety, the highlight was the participation of Governor Camilo Santana at the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT, in the United States, in April 2019, when he participated in the session “+ Security: strategies for overcoming crime”, presenting the work done in the state to reduce crime rates. Also, in September, in Germany, the Governor visited the companies Airbus and Magirus-Deutz. The Government of Ceará bought three Magirus Mechanical Escalade type vehicles to reinforce the Firefighters' performance. Already with Airbus, negotiates the purchase of two more helicopters model Airbus Helicopters Deutschland H135 Helionix from the company Airbus Helicopters.


In China, in April, the governor met security monitoring technologies at Dahua and Huawei, the world's leading safety equipment technology.


Management: Digital Government

In the area of management, the highlight is the actions aimed at Digital Government. The subject was discussed by Governor Camilo Santana during a visit by the ambassador of Denmark, Nicolai Prytz, to Ceara. Denmark has already adopted the Digital Government for many years and it is in this country's interest to exchange experiences with Ceará on this subject. According to Secretary Cesar Ribeiro, the Advisory has already been acting aiming at this exchange, with actions planned for the course of 2020.


Northeastern Consortium

In the area of attracting investments and regional development, the mission of the Northeastern Consortium, in November 2019, brought together the governors of the northeastern states to travel to France, Italy and Germany in search of projects and partnerships to strengthen the region together. governments, companies, institutions and investment funds. In this mission, strategic projects for the development of Ceará in the areas of water resources, renewable energy, tourism were on the agenda.


In China, in April 2019, the Government of Ceará signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Chinese healthcare company and presented the structure of the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex to business groups in the petrochemical and naval areas. In July 2019, the Governor received a Chinese delegation made up of representatives of Dalian municipal management to continue the settlement of partnerships in various areas between the government of Ceara and China, such as education and economic development policies, which began in April. from the same year.





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