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Oil and gas sector will be essential to enable energy transition, says IBP

01/14/2022 | 17h16
Oil and gas sector will be essential to enable energy transition, says IBP
Divulgation Divulgation

The importance of the energy sector in the decarbonization process of the economy, combined with the need for investments in technology and innovation and integration with companies and startups were some of the topics addressed in the panel "Opportunities and Challenges of the energy sector in 2022", at the Energy Hub Summit , on the first day of Rio Innovation Week, this Thursday (1/13).


IBP's Corporate Executive Director, Cristina Pinho (photo), highlighted the need to direct investments in R&D, manage energy demand and promote joint action by companies, industry and society in the energy transition process. Cristina reinforced the role that fossil fuels will play in sustaining the global energy transition. "The energy transition is not possible without the fossil. It is no use trying to eliminate supply now. We have to deal with demand and have strong investments in technology. The fossil guarantees energy security and revenue for investment in technology for the decarbonization process", she said. the executive, emphasizing that only 40% of the technological needs for the transition are available. The rest, she says, is in pilot projects or under development.


Karine Fragoso, director general of ONIP and oil and gas manager at FIRJAN, shares a similar view and highlights the potential of natural gas in the Brazilian energy transition, given the enormous supply from pre-salt reserves. "We know what we need to do in this transition. We have to talk about energy integration, an old agenda in our market. When we look at gas and other energies, the need to integrate sources is fundamental. We look at it with a view to opportunity", Fragoso emphasized.


Hudson Mendonça, leader of the MIT REAP in Brazil – regional entrepreneurship acceleration program, presented EnergINN, a training and pre-incubation program for researchers, university students and professionals who want to work in large-scale innovation. According to Mendonça, the objective is to transform Rio de Janeiro into a "Silicon Valley" for the energy sector.


"Rio has centers of excellence in several areas, but few start ups. We intend to triple the number of start ups in Rio in the segment", highlighted the researcher. The program is open for registration until January 21 of this year and should start activities in January 2023. EnergINN will last for nine months and participants will have access to entrepreneurial training, technical mentoring, laboratories and soft skills development (leadership , creativity, negotiation).


Rio Innovation Week continues until January 16th. The event, which aims to boost business, generate new opportunities and connect sectors and investors, will also include the participation of Fernanda Delgado, IBP's corporate executive director, in a panel on the transformations of the energy sector on the 16th, at 11 am. Melissa Fernandez, IBP's technology and innovation manager, is the guest of the panel "Women and diversity in the energy sector", which takes place on January 15, at 10:15 am.

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