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Newton Santana is the new CEO of Bevap Bioenergia

05/11/2022 | 15h22
Newton Santana is the new CEO of Bevap Bioenergia
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With an average productivity already superior to most of the plants in the Center-South region of Brazil, Bevap Bioenergia, from João Pinheiro, Minas Gerais, associated with UDOP, has a new CEO, Newton Santana, who plans to expand the unit's production in order to reach the unit's maximum production capacity, which is 4 million tons.


In an exclusive interview with UDOP News Agency, Newton Santana highlighted that the challenges of Bevap for this new phase is to "live with a world in economic and social crisis, affecting commodities, in supply (agrochemicals, fuels, etc.) and in the pricing of products, in addition to economic indicators, foreign exchange and, like every election year, with the inherent uncertainties".


Located in a region of Cerrado mineira, Santana highlights the differential of the unit whose installation and design project were already incredible. The new CEO highlights the paradigm-breaking legacy in the development of Agriculture in the region in which it is inserted. The unit works with 100% of irrigated sugarcane fields, both in own cane (2/3) and from suppliers and partners (1/3).


"The legacy of awards in the different sectors and financial results only increase my responsibility and determination to raise this great level already achieved. The productivity of a 100% irrigated sugarcane, forces us to bring even greater results", highlights the new CEO of Bevap.


Bevap's goal is to reach the plant's idle capacity today of 1 million tons. "Our priority is to expand the total planting area by strengthening our important alliance with cane suppliers and also attracting new ones".


"The average (productivity) has been approximately 100 t / ha. Less than our pretensions for the potential, however, already positive in relation to the existing irrigation infrastructure. We have and must improve the plantations of expansion and reform, cultural management and control of irrigation systems", highlighted Newton Santana.


For this new season, 2022/23, Bevap Bioenergia plans to process 3 million tons of sugarcane with a mix 60% of sugarcane for sugar and 40% for ethanol, in addition to the production of 100 thousand m3 of ethanol, about 240 thousand t of VHP/crystal sugar, and approximately 365 thousand MW generated of bioelectricity.


Concluding the interview, the new CEO of Bevap highlights that " today the responsibility of the CEO goes beyond the continuous search for more competitiveness and results, generating value to shareholders, employees, partners and society. We have commitments to ESG, to the Sustainable Development Goals and, above all, to the global effort to combat climate change factors. In this sense, Bevap plays a fundamental role because more bioenergy and more sustainability lead us to greater decarbonization. And this is a point that we cannot lose sight of".


Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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