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New measures on platforms to prevent the new coronavirus are adopted by Petrobras

03/19/2020 | 19h37
New measures on platforms to prevent the new coronavirus are adopted by Petrobras
Petrobras Agency Petrobras Agency

As previously reported, Petrobras has been continuously monitoring the global health situation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and adopting measures to protect its employees (own and outsourced), in addition to preventing dissemination in the regions where it operates. In addition to the measures already adopted - such as intensifying teleworking in administrative activities, monitoring suspicious cases and pre-shipment preventive actions - the company will immediately take actions to safely reduce personnel and adjust the work schedule at its maritime units. Are they:


- Staff reduced to the minimum necessary in offshore units, with security guarantee;


- Special stopover for the teams that will continue to board, considering 7 days prior isolation in a hotel provided by Petrobras, 21 days on board and 14 days off.


There will be no prejudice to the remuneration of workers. Everyone will receive normal remuneration, including those not called for boarding, and those who have extended their shifts will receive payment for overtime, including the isolation period.


These measures will reduce the circulation of people, shift changes and the number of flights to platforms, thus reducing exposure to the risk of contagion.


The company is in contact with union entities and government authorities and daily reassesses the adoption of new measures. Learn about other initiatives already adopted:


- We intensify teleworking in all activities that can be carried out remotely. All people in the risk group are involved in teleworking, in any activity. We advise our service providers to take the same steps.


- At boarding places, everyone's temperatures are being checked, anamnesis is carried out and health guidelines are reinforced. If any employee on board shows symptoms, he will be immediately disembarked and there will be monitoring for all people who had close contact.


- People returning from trips abroad for work or vacation will be quarantined, performing activities in home-office.


- We have suspended all trips abroad. In the national territory, we maintain only those that are strictly necessary, with all prior care and health guidelines.


- We suspended events and face-to-face meetings with more than 20 people and intensified online meetings.


- We intensified cleaning routines, health care and guidelines for employees so that all preventive measures are taken.


These preventive initiatives are in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and aim to contribute to the efforts of the entire population and the authorities to mitigate risks, reduce circulation in public spaces, keeping people in their homes.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Petrobras Agency
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