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New energy auction A-5 has guidelines published by the Government

05/06/2021 | 14h43

Ordinance published by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in the Federal Official Gazette today (5) details how the guidelines for the A-5 new energy auction, which should take place on September 30 this year, will be aimed at contracting projects that will generate energy from water, solar, wind and thermal sources.


The ordinance describes the procedures that will be required for the registration steps and requirements for the technical qualification of groups interested in participating in the event. In addition, it defines deadlines, such as those for the submission of bids, and the system to be applied in the auction.


The contracts provided for in the notice will last for 25 years, in the case of hydroelectric and thermoelectric (biomass, national coal and natural gas). The photovoltaic wind and solar projects will have a supply term of 15 years. All are expected to start operating in 2026.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Agência Brasil
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