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Santa Catarina

Natural Gas Consumption sets two new records in SC, SCGÁS discloses

09/16/2021 | 23h09
Natural Gas Consumption sets two new records in SC, SCGÁS discloses
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August records were driven by industrial consumption, which consumed almost 14% above that recorded in the same period in 2019 



The consumption of Natural Gas in Santa Catarina registered monthly volume records and peak sales in August. 70,472,695 m³ of the input were sold last month, the highest average ever recorded since the beginning of SCGÁS' operations. In addition, on August 11th, a record of consumption in a single day was registered, with a volume of 2,504,969 m³. The average daily volume consumed in the month (2,273,313 m³/day), by all segments, was 10.8% higher than that recorded in 2020 and 11.9% higher than the consumption in 2019, prior to the pandemic period.


The 326 industries that use energy in the State were responsible for most of the consumption in August, an average of 1,907,670 m³/day, 13.9% higher than the consumption of this segment in August 2019 and 10.2% higher than sales for the same period in 2020. Throughout 2021, this segment has already registered 9.3% of accumulated growth in consumption.


“The growth in consumption by industries shows the need to increase the supply of Natural Gas. Until 2023, we registered the request of approximately 360 thousand m³/day of additional Natural Gas for industrial expansion projects. Therefore, we continue to work on expanding the supply to the State of Santa Catarina, carrying out public calls to ensure supply to the market. Starting next year, the start-up of a LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) terminal is planned, located in Babitonga Bay, contributing to further diversify the Natural Gas offer” explains Rafael Nicolazzi, Commercial Industrial and Vehicle Manager at SCGAS.


The consumption of CNG (Natural Vehicle Gas) in August in Santa Catarina was also representative. The fleet of 112 thousand users consumed 342,014 m³/day of the input, which represents approximately 14.2% of Natural Gas sold in the State. In the same period of the previous year, consumption was 13.6% lower, at 295,491 m³/day. In comparison with August 2019, the growth was 1.65%.


In the urban segment, which has almost 17 thousand customers in the State, the average consumption registered in August was 15,393 m³/day by shops and 8,235 m³/day by households. This consumption was, respectively, 22% and 8.7% higher than that registered in the same period last year.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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