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National Congress: Government sends project to reopen Pronampe and BEm

04/07/2021 | 09h12
National Congress: Government sends project to reopen Pronampe and BEm
Divulgation Divulgation

The federal government sent a bill to the National Congress to reopen the National Program to Support Micro and Small Enterprises (Pronampe) and the Emergency Benefit for the Preservation of Employment and Income (BEm), which are economic measures implemented in the year. aid to companies impacted by the covid-19 pandemic.


In a note, the General Secretariat of the Presidency explained that the text amends Article 126 of the Budget Guidelines Law of 2021 (Law No. 14,116, 2020) to allow the execution of projects that have a specific duration in the current year. According to the folder, the measure does not create expenses directly and also does not depart from the tax rules that limit and condition public spending, such as the Fiscal Responsibility Law and the spending ceiling.


“The proposal intends to adapt the requirements to increase expenses that are not mandatory and of a continuous nature. With the proposed modification, it will not be necessary to present a compensatory measure for this type of expense ”, says the note.




Through BEm, companies were able to enter into agreements to reduce hours and wages or suspend employment contracts, guaranteeing the worker a percentage of the unemployment insurance to which they would be entitled if they were dismissed. The benefit was paid with funds from the Workers' Support Fund (FAT). According to the government, the program has preserved the employment and income of around 10.2 million workers, as well as the existence of 1.5 million companies.


Pronampe, on the other hand, is a credit line created to help small businesses financially and, at the same time, keep jobs during the pandemic. The benefited companies made a commitment to preserve the number of employees and were able to use the resources to finance business activities, such as investments and working capital for operating expenses. According to the government, the program provided more than R $ 37 billion in financing to almost 520 thousand micro and small entrepreneurs.


It is in progress in the National Congress, a project that makes Pronampe an official and permanent credit policy. The text has already been approved in the Senate and is being processed by the Chamber.

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