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Clean Energy

MME's Bento Albuquerque participates in ministerial meetings on clean energy

06/04/2021 | 11h38

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, participated this Thursday, 3/06, in virtual format, in the XII Ministerial Meeting on Clean Energy (CEM). The event, which brings together 29 countries and the European Commission, is aimed at discussing policies and programs to encourage the dissemination of clean energy generation. The plenary meeting was preceded yesterday by the Summit of the "Mission Innovation", which supports the development of new technologies in clean energy.


Brazil continues to expand its engagement with the two mechanisms and, this week, launched a campaign to encourage the replacement of fossil fuels, chemicals and materials by their biological or waste substitutes, with a reduction in CO2 emissions. The country also joined the line of work dedicated to supporting the expansion of nuclear energy as a clean energy that contributes to the mitigation of climate change.


These new efforts are in addition to the work that is already being carried out by Brazil in both spheres, in the areas of energy planning, flexibility of electrical systems, bioenergy and strengthening of data on investments in research and development in clean energy in Brazil.


The President of the Energy Research Company (EPE), Thiago Barral, has played a leading role in the Brazilian leadership of the Innovation Mission and also actively participates in CEM's activities.


The head of the Special Advisory Service on Regulatory Affairs at the MME, Agnes M. da Costa, was also present at the meeting, presenting the market reforms promoted by the modernization of the electricity sector, with the incorporation of renewable energies.


Both CEM and Mission Innovation this week inaugurated new work plans that will certainly support global efforts towards a low carbon economy. For Minister Bento Albuquerque, "the international community can count on Brazil's long experience in clean energy in this new phase of work."

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