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IBP Commission presents summary of Ethanol standardization actions carried out during the pandemic

07/17/2020 | 15h47

The ethanol standardization activities carried out by the IBP Ethanol Study Commission will be discussed in a Webinar organized by the Commission, which takes place on July 22, at 5 pm.


At the meeting, initiatives to develop Brazilian standards will be presented, in addition to activities related to the development of international standards with the International Committee of ISO (ISO / TC 28 / WG 07). The results of the ethanol donation actions led by UNICA will also be presented during the COVID-19 pandemic period.


The invited speakers are: 

Monica Teixeira da Silva, Coordinator of the IBP Ethanol Study Commission


Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, Technical Director of UNICA (Union of the Sugarcane Industry)

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