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IADC Brazil Chapter seeks to provide security to the drilling industry amid the Coronavirus pandemic

03/26/2020 | 21h59

Faced with the scenario of great concern worldwide, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the IADC Brazil Chapter took recent actions to protect the interests of the drilling industry and, consequently, of the suppliers in the supply chain.


In a letter addressed to Petrobras, IADC Brazil requested the possibility of reducing the level of activities / performance, allowing for a smaller contingent operation, but still with security, in addition to reducing the POB (either of expendable personnel or indispensable for the execution of activities) and exemption from any fines resulting from non-compliance with the minimum security personnel (MTE / ME and Navy).


Still for Petrobras, the IADC pleaded the extension of the deadline for the fulfillment of contractual obligations due to a possible reduced POB, as well as support with the regulatory bodies in the request for extension to comply with items resulting from the audit, in addition to making the deadlines more flexible. contracts for projects that are in progress due to possible delays in works occurring in countries affected by COVID-19.


On another front of action, together with the Union of Offshore Workers of Brazil, the IADC requested labor flexibility, making it possible to double the journey on board offshore vessels, including the non-transfer of any penalties from inspection bodies, such as the MTE.


Regarding Municipal Decree 39/2020, of the city of Macaé, the institution requested the Municipal Government to regulate, by legal means, the Municipal Decree, which initially suspended the activities resulting from the onshore oil and gas industry, having been subject to flexibility later by the Mayor via post on Twitter.


According to the lawyer and Executive Secretary of the IADC, Leandro Luzone, the apparent regulation dealt with by social media Twitter has no legal validity and is an inadequate way to correct the decree.


“In the case of a municipal inspector, in the exercise of his duties, he comes across a commercial establishment functioning to supply the oil and gas industry in this city, the servant cannot excuse himself from suing the company based on the electronic message, via Twitter, from the municipal mayor, neither will this company be able to evade the eventual punishment by invoking said manifestation ”, stressed Leandro Luzone.


The IADC documents were signed by the President of the Brazil Chapter, Heitor Gioppo, Vice President of Drilling at Ocyan, and by the lawyer and Executive Secretary, Leandro Luzone, representing the drilling companies associated with the institution.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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