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International Event

Hydrogen Latin America 2021

10/13/2021 | 23h00

Vostock Capital invite you to participate in the first Congress and Exhibition: Hydrogen Latin America 2021 in Bogota, Colombia to discuss current trends, learn more about investment opportunities and development of the Hydrogen industry in Latin America, government strategies to boost the industry, ongoing, planned project and s new technologies.


Date: November 30th – December 1st 2021

Place: Bogota, Colombia

Organizer: Vostock Capital



Congress Highlights:

200+ SENIOR EXECUTIVES from the main Latin American Hydrogen operators, technology leaders and industry experts

5+ HYDROGEN PROJECTS in Latin America - ongoing and planned projects in the region

• What are the STRATEGIES OF THE GOVERNMENT to support and maximize the potential of the hydrogen industry in Latin America

• Key innovative solutions to lead the hydrogen industry: what technologies, services and practices can drive to the growth of hydrogen industry in Latin America

• Hydrogen industry market potential: WHAT MARKETS ARE THE MOST PROMISING? – Export Challenges

Best practices for STORING hydrogen. What are the best processes of operators to storage hydrogen from different sources of energy?

• Investment fund-raising, and hydrogen MONETIZATION: existing and potential sources of finance

GREEN HYDROGEN - what are the best energy sources and how to get them

HYDROGEN AS A FUEL of the new era: what are the strategies to use hydrogen as a fuel source in the future

Exhibition dedicated to cutting-edge equipment and technologies for hydrogen industry presented by local and global leaders

Hybrid format: connect with industry leaders in person, or while working from home through our secure Vostock Capital Business Platform!

• Unprecedented networking opportunities! 1-2-1 online and face-to-face business meetings, networking round tables, cocktail reception, interactive discussions. Take this opportunity to exchange business cards with ALL conference participants!


Register Here


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