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Electricity Sector

Growth of 3.3% in the first half of November, energy consumption in the free market

11/24/2020 | 19h19
Growth of 3.3% in the first half of November, energy consumption in the free market
Divulgation Divulgation

Energy consumption in the free market maintained its growth trajectory in the first half of November, with an increase of 3.3% in relation to the same period in 2019. The information - still preliminary - makes up the InfoMercado Quinzenal bulletin, released by the Electric Energy Trading - CCEE. When purging the effect of migrations from the Regulated Contracting Environment - ACR, the segment registered a drop of 1.4%.


Detailing the analysis, Free Consumers, which have a load greater than 2 megawatts (MW), presented an increase of 5.9%. For special consumers, who are on the threshold of 0.5 MW to 2 MW and can only hire incentive energy, there was a decrease of 2.1%. Both results disregard the purge of migrations between environments.


Fields of activity 

The scenario remains evolving in almost all branches of activity that buy energy on the free market, with growth in 11 of the 15 segments analyzed by CCEE. The sanitation sector remains the highlight (30.3%) followed by Commerce (10%).


For the energy-intensive industries, the highlight was the growth in non-metallic minerals (7.2%), chemicals (5.2%) and various manufactured products (5.5%). There was a decrease: transport (9.7%), services (2.2%), vehicles (1.1%) and metallurgy (0.5%). The figures disregard the purging of cargo migration.



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