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Forum Nordeste 2019 takes place on September 16, in Recife and will discuss biofuels and clean energy

09/12/2019 | 10h02

Biofuels and clean energy will be on the agenda at the Forum Nordeste 2019, which will take place on September 16, in Recife, bringing together major market players, as well as politicians and companies in the sector. One of the topics to be addressed is the greenhouse effect. The growth of air transport companies in Brazil raises this concern. The use of sustainable fuels in Brazilian commercial aviation is still far from a reality.


According to data from the Brazilian Union of Biodiesel and Biokerosene (Ubrabio), Brazil currently consumes 7 billion liters of fossil kerosene per year, but part of this kerosene is imported. "We need to reduce imports and increase production of biokerosene, ie create the market for biokerosene in the country, which does not exist yet," warns Donizete Tokarski, director of Ubrabio. The subject is the subject of his talk at the Forum, which will discuss challenges in the biofuels and clean energy sectors.


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