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Firjan: companies present an overview of the resumption of the offshore market

10/14/2020 | 16h41
Firjan: companies present an overview of the resumption of the offshore market
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Expectations of return to growth for the Oil and Gas value chain and its productive chain in the post-pandemic were subjects of the live “Panorama of the offshore services market”, held on 10/13. In yet another episode of Firjan's Oil, Gas and Naval webseries, specialists presented company initiatives in the face of the challenges of the pandemic and the main transformations in the Brazilian oil industry. The meeting was mediated by Heber Bispo, the Federation's Oil, Gas and Naval specialist.


Participants presented projections, illustrating the prospects for the future of offshore shipping and services trade. Expectations related to the market before the arrival of Covid-19 were high and company planning projected a broad resumption in 2020. At the present time, Brazil presents a horizon of rich business opportunities for the entire chain, with companies returning to the development of the exploration areas acquired from 2016 and the resumption of the sequence of auctions scheduled for 2021 and 2022.


"We were already one of the most promising markets, and Petrobras has strategically turned to the pre-salt. At the same time, international companies are starting to operate, revitalizing the market. The investment scenario is very good," said Lauro Puppim, Commercial Director and Proposals at Saipem.


According to data presented by the speakers, by 2024 only Petrobras will invest US $ 20 billion in the Campos Basin, with the expectation of producing one million barrels per day at the end of this period. Among the decommissioning projects, which result in a total estimate of over US $ 16 billion of investments in offshore by 2030, several are underway, with disbursements of US $ 6 billion, for the decommissioning of 18 platforms, undersea pipelines and offshore wells.


“In my view, we have reached the bottom of the well and have already left it. The projections are excellent and there are many prospects for hiring, with the creation of services and production systems ”, celebrated Erik Cunha, Commercial and New Business director at the OceanPact Group.


Daniel Botelho, Director of Support for the Americas at Kongsberg Maritime, also cited the optimism of the pre-Covid-19 period, when the industry was experiencing a “heating up”, and the importance of positioning companies in response to the crisis, with emphasis on adoption new work tools and implementation of remote activities. “The scenario for the market is optimistic, and the industry's prompt response to challenges, with rapid efficiency gains, is fundamental at this time. We already operated very well remotely and it was not a traumatic transition ”, pointed out Botelho.


Firjan's Oil, Gas and Naval Webseries takes place every Tuesday at 4pm. See the playlist at


Watch the 10/13 web series at

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