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Financial settlement of the short-term electricity market generates R$ 829 million, informs CCEE

08/06/2020 | 16h19
Financial settlement of the short-term electricity market generates R$ 829 million, informs CCEE
Divulgation Divulgation

The Electricity Commercialization Chamber - CCEE concluded, on Thursday (06), the financial settlement of the Short Term Market (MCP) for June 2020, which moved R $ 829 million, of the R $ 9.496 billion accounted for. Of the unpaid amount, R $ 8.665 billion is related to GSF injunctions in the free market (ACL) and only R $ 2 million represents other outstanding amounts.


Agents who have legal decisions in force not to participate in the apportionment of defaults arising from GSF injunctions noticed a default close to 99%. The agents supported by decisions that determine the regular incidence of the norms perceived a default of about 6%. After the operationalization of these judicial decisions, creditors who do not have injunctions related to the apportionment of default received 1.7% of their credits.


The operation, carried out by CCEE, involved 9,577 agents, of which 3,116 were debtors and 6,461 creditors.


Santo Antônio Energia S / A anticipated, for the third time, the settlement of five installments, which would be recorded in the accounts from December 2020 to April 2021. The amounts are related to the Availability Factor - FID of the Santo Antônio hydroelectric plant (as established in ANEEL Order No. 1,146 / 2018). The company also paid off the portion of interest that was suspended in June 2020, related to the complementary installment generated by the previous advance of the installments.




The financial settlement of the short-term market represents the adjustment of any differences between the energy measured and that contracted by the agents operating within the scope of the CCEE. Debits and credits, determined by the process of accounting for market transactions by the Commercialization Chamber, are valued at the Price for Settlement of Differences - PLD, calculated weekly.


Flags Account 

The CCEE also promoted the financial settlement related to the Centralized Account of the Tariff Flags Resources - or the Flags Account. The settlement referring to the June 2020 accounting moved R $ 63,743,372.04.


The operation considered the payment of eight distributors and permission holders debtors to the Account, in the amount of R $ 845.52, and the payment of the hydrological risk premium, in the amount of R $ 63,742,527.36, contributed by 98 generating agents. The funds raised were transferred by Conta Bandeiras to 46 creditor distributors.


Monthly, Aneel defines how the resources collected through the charging of tariff flags in electricity bills and the hydrological risk premium should be apportioned between concessionaires and distribution licensees, with CCEE being responsible for this Operationalization.

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