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Fernanda Delgado will be the new Corporate Executive Director of the IBP in 2022

12/03/2021 | 17h09
Fernanda Delgado will be the new Corporate Executive Director of the IBP in 2022
Divulgation Divulgation

The Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP) informs that Fernanda Delgado will assume the position of Corporate Executive Director of the institute from February 2022.


The executive has vast experience in the energy sector, both in academia and in the private sector. She has been a professor and strategic advisor since 2017 at FGV Energia, an institution where she also coordinates the MBA in Management in the Oil and Gas Sector.


Fernanda Delgado is also a professor in the Graduate Program at the Army Command and General Staff School, through an agreement with FGV.


In the private sector, the executive has worked for companies such as Vale, Petrobras and Deloitte, having professional experience in Brazil and abroad.


The executive will succeed Cristina Pinho on the Corporate Executive Board of the IBP, a position she has held since November 2019. With extensive experience in the oil and gas sector and in senior management roles, Cristina worked before the IBP for 31 years at Petrobras, where he exercised leadership activities in the areas of Exploration and Production and Logistics.


Fernanda Delgado will join the IBP in January for a transitional phase until Cristina Pinho leaves in early February.



Fernanda Delgado has a solid academic background. She holds a PhD in Energy Planning from Coppe / UFRJ. She also has a Master's Degree in Information Technology and two books published on oil geopolitics, one of her topics of interest. At FGV Energia, she was also responsible for research lines in oil, gas, biofuels and energy transition, decommissioning, downstream, among others.

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