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Energy efficiency project receives R$ 1.6 million from Enel of São Paulo

01/05/2021 | 19h06
Energy efficiency project receives R$ 1.6 million from Enel of São Paulo
Divulgation Divulgation

Enel Distribuição São Paulo, the largest electric energy concessionaire in Brazil, has just delivered the works for the energy efficiency project at the headquarters of the São Paulo Department of Agriculture, at Praça Ramos, in the central region of the capital, and at the Instituto Biológico, in Vila Mariana, South Zone. With an investment of more than R$ 1.6 million, the works included the installation of 730 photovoltaic panels and the modernization of the lighting systems of the two buildings, by replacing 10,600 fluorescent lamps with models LEDs, which are more efficient and have longer durability.


With the initiative, financed with resources from the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE) of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), the buildings will have a total reduction of 791.59 MWh / year in their energy consumption, equivalent to the demand for energy. 329 residences per month. The forecast is that the works will bring an estimated savings of R $ 443.83 thousand per year in the electricity bill of the São Paulo government.


In the design of the Praça Ramos building, Enel Distribuição São Paulo invested R$ 757.3 thousand in installing 230 solar panels and replacing 5.4 thousand lamps with LED models, which will reduce energy consumption by 396.17 MWh / year, enough volume to supply 165 homes per month. The savings in the expected electricity bill is approximately R$ 20.46 thousand per month.


In the initiative carried out in the Instituto Biológico building, the concessionaire's investment was R$ 938.7 thousand. The funds were invested in the installation of 500 photovoltaic panels and in the modernization of the lighting system, with the replacement of 5.1 thousand old lamps for LED. The projects will provide a 395.42 MWh / year decrease in energy consumption, equivalent to the demand of 164 residential customers per month. The estimated reduction in the value of the electricity bill will be approximately R$ 16 thousand.


In addition to energy gains, the installation of LED lamps improves the brightness of corridors and rooms in buildings and, consequently, the visibility of employees. In addition to the economic benefits, the projects have a positive impact on the environment. With more efficient energy consumption after the modernization of lighting systems and the use of solar panels for own energy generation, the Agriculture Secretariat and the Biological Institute will avoid the emission of more than 59 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) , one of the main responsible for global warming. For comparison, this volume is equivalent to the planting of 423 trees.


Projects in public authorities 

In the public sector, Enel Distribuição São Paulo delivered five energy efficiency projects between 2019 and 2020. One of the initiatives was the works at the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo, located in Liberdade, South Zone of São Paulo, where they were replaced 7 , 3 thousand old LED lamps, with an investment of R$ 293,970.19. By the end of this month, another project is expected to be completed.


According to the sustainability manager at Enel Distribuição São Paulo, Solange Mello, the projects will ensure significant savings in the institutions' energy bill. The total investment foreseen in 18 energy efficiency works for the government is currently around R$ 27.3 million, of which R$ 10.27 million has already been executed. "We work with the forecast of energy savings of 13,528.38 MWh / year in all of our projects, enough to supply 5,636 homes," he explained.


According to the Secretary of Agriculture and Supply, Gustavo Junqueira, the initiative is very welcome, as it will allow the municipality to reduce costs and also contribute to the environment. "This is another stage in the process of adapting and modernizing the facilities of the Secretariat of Agriculture, which will allow better management of public resources with an important environmental bias. The photovoltaic plants, which will generate 122 kW, represent adherence to the concept of energy efficiency proposed by Aneel, in addition to allowing energy expenditures to be reallocated to other areas where they are most needed ", highlights the portfolio holder.


For Enel Distribuição São Paulo, Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars and is based on the commitments assumed by the company with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030, especially with SDG 7 (Accessible and Clean Energy), the SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and SDG 13 (Combating Climate Change).


About the Energy Efficiency Program 

The Energy Efficiency Program of Enel Distribuição São Paulo has existed since 1998, and has already invested approximately R $ 928 million in 388 projects focused on conscious energy consumption, improvement of electrical installations and educational actions. Enel's energy efficiency works are regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and are part of the Public Call for Projects (CPP), which in 2019 inaugurated a series of works.

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