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Enel Brasil, Leonardo, Saipem and TIM participate in the creation of the Business Council Italy – Rio de Janeiro

09/24/2021 | 14h54
Enel Brasil, Leonardo, Saipem and TIM participate in the creation of the Business Council Italy – Rio de Janeiro
Divulgation Divulgation

Enel Brasil, Leonardo, Saipem and TIM, Italian companies that are world references in the sectors of energy, electric mobility, technologies, connectivity, engineering, telecommunications and infrastructure, signed an Agreement of Intent for the creation of the Business Council Italia – Rio de Janeiro yesterday. The initiative will help make a series of projects and ventures a reality among Italian companies, whether for business or for cultural, scientific or social activities, together with the business community in the state. The initiative will contribute to the realization of cultural, scientific and social projects and initiatives through collaboration between Italian companies and the local Brazilian business community. The intention is to promote commercial and cultural events, conferences and seminars, dealing with topics of interest to companies and local businesses. In addition, the council can help promote visits by economic and commercial delegations of Italian companies interested in investing in Brazil, as well as helping Brazilian companies that wish to expand business in Italian territory.


Among the first initiatives proposed are two networking events and two seminars per year. For both formats, the proposal is to integrate executives and local authorities around themes of interest to companies. The events must include the presence of the Consul General of Italy in Rio de Janeiro, Paolo Miraglia Del Giudice, who will also hold the position of Honorary President in this initiative. The Business Council Italia – Rio de Janeiro also has the support of the Italian Embassy in Brazil.


The Consul General of Italy in Rio de Janeiro, Paolo Miraglia Del Giudice (photo), highlights: "I would like to thank Enel, Leonardo, Saipem and Tim for this important initiative that looks far and will contribute in a decisive way to the Strengthening the Italia System in the State of Rio, as well as the relations with local authorities and the private sector in Rio de Janeiro. Rio, as well as a catalyst for new initiatives and synergies with the Consulate General, in a wide range of sectors.


"With this initiative, we want to act as partners of Brazilian companies and institutions, contributing to foster the state's economy. As pioneers in the energy transition, we have encouraged in all countries in which we operate an economy with low or zero carbon emissions, based on in renewable sources. We believe that clean energy, combined with the efficient use of energy, is today the best path for the sustainable development of the business environment and cities", says Nicola Cotugno, Country Manager at Enel Brasil.


For Francesco Moliterni, Leonardo CCO-International Marketing and Strategic Campaigns: "Brazil represents a second home for Leonardo through the various projects and interests that have united the company with the country for over 40 years. With this new partnership, Tim, Enel , Leonardo, Saipem together with the "Business Council Italy-Rio de Janeiro", in addition to favoring cooperation between the parties to promote business, cultural, scientific and social activities between large companies of Italian origin and the business community of the State of Rio de Janeiro, consolidates Brazil's strong presence and interest in the development of innovative and high-tech projects. Leonardo's commitment is to support the growth and development of Brazil through innovation, cyber security, use of command and control platforms, as well as the processing of big data for monitoring infrastructures and critical areas Technologies in which Leonardo is recognized as a leader worldwide; but also contributing with technologies related to artificial intelligence for the sustainable growth of the smart cities of the future, which it is today."


Roberto Di Silvestro, Executive Director of Saipem do Brasil, highlights:


"Saipem has always been attentive to sustainable development, including by promoting value creation initiatives for the local communities where it operates. The Memorandum of Intent signed today confirms Saipem's commitment, paving the way for the sharing of competences with major operating companies in Brazil and in the State of Rio de Janeiro and, thus, support, guide and strengthen the development of Brazilian and Italian companies that intend to invest and do business in Brazil."


For Pietro Labriola, CEO of TIM Brasil, this is another movement with great potential to stimulate business creation between countries: "We are expanding our partnerships in the country, like what we started in June, also with Enel and Leonardo, thinking in projects that consolidate our presence and in the business opportunities that will be created. The initiative contributes efficiently to strengthen the relationship between Italian and Brazilian companies, creating opportunities and opening doors to an increasingly connected future."


The signing ceremony of the Agreement of Intentions took place on September 23, at 6 pm, at the Italian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of representatives of the four companies, as well as guests and authorities.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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