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Early departure of ANP director general commented by IBP

01/16/2020 | 12h39

In view of the early departure of ANP Director-General Décio Oddone, IBP would like to acknowledge his significant contributions to the transformation of the oil and gas industry in Brazil in recent years and to reinforce the importance of continuing a transformation agenda for the next few years.


Decio's role at the head of the Agency since 2016 marked the resumption of the sector through a number of initiatives, such as the return of exploratory block auctions and the introduction of a fixed schedule of rounds - measures essential to the predictability of investments by industry.


It also contributed to important advances in the sector's competitiveness, such as the revision of the mandatory local content rules, the encouragement of the opening of the gas market and greater competition in refining.


These and other ongoing changes represent a substantial improvement in the business environment, leading to more investment, job creation, income and tax payments.


The scale of the changes underway in the natural gas and refining areas will require even stronger and more dynamic action by the ANP. IBP understands that it is essential to provide the agency with the human and material resources necessary to act safely and quickly in the processes, ensuring an institutional environment that can attract new investors, maintain market confidence and reinforce the growth of the O&G industry in Brazil.


IBP reiterates its commitment to contribute to the regulatory advances of the oil and gas industry, always based on technical, transparent criteria that stimulate competition.

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