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Electric Power

CPFL Energia temporarily suspends power cut

03/26/2020 | 21h04

The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) approved measures to be implemented by the energy distribution companies, to guarantee the continuity of services due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Among the measures approved, which have already been adopted as of this Wednesday, March 25, by the distributors CPFL Paulista, CPFL Piratininga and CPFL Santa Cruz, is the suspension of the cut of the power supply for 90 days due to lack of payment - for urban and rural residential customers, including those registered for low-income benefits, in addition to services and activities considered essential, according to the law, including hospitals. The measure does not include other classes of customers.


CPFL warns of caution in relation to the accumulation of accounts, since ANEEL's measures are temporary, with a deadline set on June 22, 2020 and, on returning from regular activities, debt collections will incur interest and fines and will be subject to a power cut in case of non-payment. In addition, the negativity of the customer in default in credit registrations is still allowed and used by the company.


Consumption reading. Another measure defined by ANEEL was the permission for distributors to take consumption readings at intervals other than usual or even if they do not. In this case, the arithmetic mean of consumption in the last 12 months will be considered. In order to facilitate the receipt and payment of bills and contribute to the health of all, the company advises its customers to register their account by e-mail and update their data (mainly e-mail and cell phone), through the online channels www. or the 'CPFL Energia' application on your smartphone or tablet.


Additionally, to bring ease and agility, CPFL Energia also provides customers with several payment channels, such as internet banking and automatic debit, installment payments over the web (via website or application), installment payment by credit card, among others.


Suspension of face-to-face service. Another temporary measure established by ANEEL was the suspension of face-to-face service to the public, in order to avoid crowding in service stations and preserve the health of employees and customers (action already adopted by the company since March 20).


The company reinforces that more than 30 services are available on online channels. For example, duplicate invoices can also be requested by SMS. The customer simply sends an SMS with the word ACCOUNT and the number of “your code” (present in the energy bill) to the distributor in your region.


CPFL Energia and its distributors CPFL Paulista, CPFL Piratininga and CPFL Santa Cruz remain focused on their commitment to society, maintaining the necessary actions in their electricity network and guaranteeing quality in the supply of energy to consumers.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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