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Cosan invests in the Fifth Wall Climate Tech Fund

10/06/2021 | 18h19
Cosan invests in the Fifth Wall Climate Tech Fund
Divulgation Divulgation

Cosan, one of Brazil's largest business groups with investments in energy and logistics, takes another important step toward its goal of contributing to initiatives that promote the decarbonization of the global economy. Today, the company announced its investment in Fifth Wall’s Climate Tech Fund.

Cosan is the first company in the energy sector, as well as the first strategic investor in Latin America, to invest in a Fifth Wall fund. “For us, investing in this fund means being part of a world-class cooperative environment that drives an innovative agenda of knowledge, technology, and solutions to address climate change. We are happy to be the first company in Latin America to join the Fifth Wall Climate Tech Fund, and we hope to continue promoting opportunities for decarbonization in the region and globally," says Luis Henrique Guimaraes (photo), CEO of Cosan.

The Fifth Wall Climate Tech Fund brings together a consortium of sustainability leaders from the real estate industry, and now with Cosan, the energy industry, to collectively and cooperatively pool capital to invest in climate technologies.

“Decarbonization is a collective-action problem that requires a collective-action solution, but no industry can tackle this challenge alone. Cosan’s investment in the Fifth Wall Climate Tech Fund demonstrates how forward-looking companies across multiple industries can work together to invest in technology to decarbonize the global economy. We are proud to have Cosan, a global leader in sustainability, join us on our journey to convene organizations that are committed to decarbonizing our economy through investment in climate technology,” said Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Fifth Wall.

Cosan Group has different businesses that offer products and services that contribute to decarbonizing chains in different sectors and that have made continuous investments in initiatives to increase their capacity to combat climate change. The Group also relies on voluntary commitments to reduce emissions from its own operations and those of suppliers.

“Being part of the fund is one way to establish a cooperative partnership between entrepreneurs, startups, and investors focused on creating positive impact on the world," adds Luis Henrique.

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