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Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station to be reopened tomorrow (01/15) with support from Petrobras

01/14/2020 | 12h14
Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station to be reopened tomorrow (01/15) with support from Petrobras
Petrobras Agency Petrobras Agency

After being partially destroyed by a fire almost seven years ago. The station will be reopened with support by Petrobras through the Brazilian Antarctic Program (Proantar) and operated by the Brazilian Navy. The facility is intended for scientific research in the environmental, meteorological, biodiversity and chemical areas.


Petrobras Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Nicolás Simone, explains that the agreement allows the company to participate in research and have access to information that enables the improvement of the weather forecasting models, waves and currents used by Petrobras, given the sensitivity from the southern polar region to global climate change.



The partnership between Petrobras, through its Research Center (Cenpes) and the Navy, enables research, missions of researchers and teams to the region, purchase of equipment for ships and laboratories, development of special fuels for the Antarctic environment. , among other activities.


“The partnership with Proantar has been around since 1987, and during that time a fuel resistant to extreme temperatures below minus 40 degrees was developed, enhanced to reduce its environmental impact with reduced sulfur content and improved ignition quality and lubricity,” points out Nicolás.


The station has 4,500 square meters, 17 laboratories and can accommodate up to 64 people. The base also has a hybrid power system, aimed at reducing diesel consumption and consequently reducing local emissions of greenhouse gases. The diesel supplementary system has eight wind power generators and 30 photovoltaic panels.


In addition to Proantar, Petrobras supports the Sectoral Plan for the Sea Resources (PSRM), which enables scientific research and human resources training in the Blue Amazon, and includes the study and monitoring of natural resources, oceanographic and climatic phenomena of the maritime areas, encompassing the offshore environment where Petrobras operates.



Petrobras launches Threshold series 

Petrobras will exhibit a series called “Threshold: Frontiers of Knowledge,” featuring mini-documentaries that show the challenges of everyday life in extreme conditions and the threshold of human knowledge. The first episode, which airs on Tuesday (14/01), tells the work of researchers in the Antarctic continent and the trip to Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station. The episodes can be watched on the Nossa Energia portal ( and on the brand's YouTube channel.

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