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CCEE releases R $ 502.6 million from the COVID Account to distributors

10/14/2020 | 12h07
CCEE releases R $ 502.6 million from the COVID Account to distributors
Divulgation Divulgation

The Electricity Commercialization Chamber - CCEE made this Tuesday (13) the fourth transfer of the loan from the COVID Account to the distributors impacted by the social isolation scenario. The portion, of R $ 502.6 million, considers the values of the terms of adhesion for the period and the remaining amounts of the previous transfers. The payment occurred according to information published in Dispatch No. 2,914 / 2020, of the National Electric Energy Agency - Aneel.


In all, CCEE has already transferred R $ 13.6 billion to the companies that adhered to the measure, which corresponds to 91.4% of the total operation that will be directed until January 2021. Of the 61 participating distribution concessionaires and permissionaires, 31 already received the full amount foreseen in their terms of membership.


The COVID Account was financed by a pool of 16 financial institutions led by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development - BNDES, with Bradesco being the manager of the operation. The composition of the contributions is 29% of the resources coming from public banks and 71% from private institutions. The cost of the operation will be CDI + 3.79%.


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Through Decree 10.350 / 20, the Federal Government established the creation of the so-called COVID Account to receive funds from a financial operation that aims to mitigate the cash problems experienced by distribution companies in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic. The amounts, which are managed by CCEE, will help offset the drop in revenues and anticipate the distributors' revenues, impacted by the reduction in energy consumption during the period.


For the consumer, the measure allows for a postponement and payment in up to five years of tariff impacts that, otherwise, would be felt immediately. The solution has as premises both the financial balance of the sector and the attributes of low tariffs.


The regulation guarantees all protections for CCEE and its agents, as established in the Ordinance and Normative Resolution that created the COVID Account.

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