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Natural Gas

BNDES Event: 2nd Gas for Development Week, happens from 22 to 26/02

02/15/2021 | 18h48
BNDES Event: 2nd Gas for Development Week, happens from 22 to 26/02
Divulgation Divulgation

Launch of the BNDES Gás Program, which brings a set of financial solutions to the gas chain, and the 2nd Gas for Development Report, with a presentation of the prospects for natural gas supply and demand in the country. During the week, industry experts talk about the challenges and solutions in the area in podcast and webinar mediated by BNDES executives.


Monday (02/22) 

Launch of the Gas for Development Report - Outlook for supply and demand in the Brazilian natural gas market


Access the Report here. Available from 22.02


The publication addresses the prospects for expanding natural gas supply and demand in Brazil, as well as the factors that impact these investment decisions. Result of the BNDES 'interaction with different actors in the natural gas chain, the study provides a mapping of regulatory measures and market instruments that are relevant for making the best use of pre-salt gas and implementing projects in different segments , such as industry, thermoelectric plants and transportation. The objective is to contribute to the implementation of actions that enable the strengthening of the Brazilian gas market, contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of the country.


Tuesday (02/23) 

Podcast - Natural Gas: the consumption potential of Brazilian industry


Listen here soon.




Flávio da Mota (Head of the Base Industry Department - BNDES)


Fátima Ferreira (Director of Economics and Statistics of the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association - ABIQUIM)


José Carlos D'Abreu (Advisor to the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining - ABM - and professor at PUC-Rio and IME)


Marco Polo Lopes (Executive President of Instituto Aço Brasil)


Thursday (02/25) 

Gas for Development Webinar


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