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Natural Gas

BC announces that it can free up to R $ 650 billion in the economy due to Covid-19

04/02/2020 | 20h36
BC announces that it can free up to R $ 650 billion in the economy due to Covid-19
Divulgation Divulgation

Faced with the serious crisis of the coronavirus pandemic and great uncertainties, Firjan, through a working group made up of representatives from Sindirepa (Union of the Vehicle and Accessories Repair Industry of the State of Rio) and Sindisal (Union of the Refining and Moagem de Sal in the state of Rio), closely follows the questions about the review of contractual clauses in the acquisition of natural gas in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The federation and its associated unions consider important the work carried out by Petrobras, Naturgy and the state government, through the Secretariat for Economic Development, Energy and International Relations.


The measure, announced on March 28, provides for the suspension of the collection of fines for consumption below the contractual minimum, called Take-or-pay, and for the industry and other consumers to pay only for the natural gas consumed and not the minimum contracted.


This action shows the commitment of private and public agents to create the conditions for Rio de Janeiro, its industries and population, to go through this crisis and be prepared for the economic recovery. For these and many other important actions for the development of Rio de Janeiro, Firjan maintains a permanent dialogue with Petrobras, Naturgy, the state government of Rio and other agents interested in the development of natural gas.

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