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ANP revokes 45 outdated normative acts

07/30/2021 | 07h22

The ANP Board of Directors approved today (29/7) a resolution that revokes 45 normative acts, whose effects had already expired or whose need or meaning no longer exists. They are, for the most part, accessory acts, such as, for example, those that change rules that have already been repealed. The revocation will take effect after the publication of the resolution in the Official Gazette. 


The measure continues the Agency's work to manage its regulatory stock, aiming at administrative simplification and regulatory consolidation. It also complies with Decree No. 10.139, of November 28, 2019, which determines the review and consolidation of all normative acts below the decree (ordinances, resolutions, normative instructions, official letters and notices, among others) issued by agencies and entities of the direct federal public administration, autarchic and foundational.


Even before the publication of the decree, the ANP had already been carrying out the work of managing the regulatory stock – the set of rules in force issued by the Agency or its predecessor bodies – as part of the efforts to improve the quality of its performance. Since the elaboration of its first Regulatory Agenda, instituted for the 2013-2014 period, more than 1300 norms have already been revoked.


Decree No. 10.139/2019 also established the mandatory disclosure of normative acts in force, which would be subject to screening, examination and consolidation or revocation, under the terms of the decree. The ANP has complied with this provision since the adoption of its first legislation system, in the early 2000s. Currently, all normative acts issued by the ANP are available on the Agency's Legislation Website:

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