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Local Content

ANP publishes new update of the Local Content Certification Panel

05/29/2020 | 20h44
ANP publishes new update of the Local Content Certification Panel
Courtesy Enaval Courtesy Enaval

The ANP updated today (28/5) the Dynamic Panel for Local Content Certification, adding visualizations of the nominal values of goods and services purchased by operators for the purpose of fulfilling local content commitments. The values are consolidated by the accreditation scopes defined by ANP Resolution No. 25/2016 and by the areas of activity established by the previous standard, Resolution ANP No. 37/2007. The Panel, which uses a business intelligence (BI) tool, contains the public data of all 117,000 local content certificates issued until December 2019.




Launched on March 24th of this year, the Panel underwent its first update on April 24th, starting to contain the nominal and updated values aggregated by period. The current update, on the other hand, allows the analysis of the distribution of nominal values by accreditation scopes or by areas of activity and their trends since the implementation of the certification system. In addition, information related to certification was added with a focus on areas of activity.


Initially, the base underwent treatment using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to reduce inconsistencies. For the creation of the new looks, a new treatment was added, correlating the scope of accreditation to the areas of activity.


The Dynamic Local Content Certification Panel is part of an ANP effort to increase the transparency of local content data.


The certification of local content is mandatory to comply with the commitments contained in the Local Content Clause contained in the exploration and production contracts signed by the Agency since the 7th Round of Exploration Blocks Bids.

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