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ANP publishes dynamic panels and map of fuel and oil products producers

05/15/2020 | 18h37
ANP publishes dynamic panels and map of fuel and oil products producers
T&B Petroleum T&B Petroleum

ANP published today (15/05) three dynamic panels of producers of fuels and oil products, a new interactive form of data visualization that uses a business intelligence (BI) tool. The panels show data related to the production of oil products, ethanol and biodiesel. In addition, biofuel panels present tank data.


It is an analysis tool for companies, government agencies, universities, the press and society as a whole, in addition to being in line with the transparency policy adopted by the ANP.


The Dynamic Panel of Petroleum Derivatives Producers presents data on oil processing and production by refineries, petrochemical plants and formulators, in addition to operations involving these products.


The Dynamic Panels of Ethanol and Biodiesel Producers show the production of these biofuels, raw materials used and tanking data. Ethanol also provides the evolution of production in recent years and the geographic distribution by type (hydrous or anhydrous ethanol).


The three panels also have maps with the geographical distribution of the producers.


Dynamic panels for fuel producers are available at

See also the other dynamic panels published by the ANP:

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