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New Gas Law

ANP amends Internal Regulation to comply with the New Gas Law

06/18/2021 | 12h47
ANP amends Internal Regulation to comply with the New Gas Law
Divulgation Divulgation

The ANP Board of Directors approved the alteration of the Agency's Internal Regulation due to the publication of the New Gas Law (Law No. 14.134/2021). According to the rules in force, the granting of authorizations for importing and exporting natural gas, which was previously the responsibility of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), became the responsibility of the ANP. In order to comply with this change, the text of the ANP's Internal Regulations will be amended to give its Movement Infrastructure Superintendence competence to grant these authorizations.


The New Gas Law revoked Law 11.909/09 and, in its article 19, established that "company or consortium of companies established under Brazilian law, with headquarters and administration in the country, may receive authorization from the ANP to carry out import activities and export of natural gas”.


Previously, the competence to authorize the import of natural gas belonged to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the ANP was only responsible for the instruction of the processes, for the final decision of the MME, according to article 36 of Law No. 11.909/2009 and article 53 of Decree No. 7382/2010.


On 05/13, the ANP Collegiate Board deliberated on the procedure for analyzing and approving requests for authorization to import natural gas until a resolution by the Agency to deal with the matter is published. At the time, the Board of Directors granted new authorizations to import natural gas to Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. and Âmbar Energia Ltda. (SGE-ANP Authorization No. 258/2021 and No. 259/2021, respectively), replacing the authorizing ministerial decrees whose terms had expired.

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