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ANP: 73rd Biodiesel Auction negotiates 1.189 billion liters

06/26/2020 | 21h28
ANP: 73rd Biodiesel Auction negotiates 1.189 billion liters
Divulgation Divulgation

At the 73rd ANP Biodiesel Auction, 1,189,270,000 liters of biodiesel were purchased to meet the mandatory mixture and there were no bids for voluntary mixing. Of this volume, 99.00% came from producers holding the Fuel Seal. The average trading price was R$ 3.512 / L, excluding the acquirer's margin, and the total amount traded reached the level of R$ 4.177 billion, reflecting an average discount of 19.78% when compared to the weighted average of Regional “Maximum Reference Prices” (R$ 4.378 / L).


The Stage of Presentation of Offers to attend to the mandatory mixing took place in a single day (1/6/2020), with 43 producers, providing a total volume of 1,206,180,000 liters of biodiesel. As a continuation of the Biodiesel Auction process, 1,169,000,000 liters of biodiesel were purchased in the first Offer Selection Stage, held on June 4, 5 and 8, 2020. These volumes came exclusively from producers holding the Social Fuel Seal , representing 96.92% of the total offered in the Auction.


In the Offer Restatement Stage, held on 6/9/2020, 20,270,000 liters of biodiesel were purchased from producers with or without Social Fuel Seal, representing around 1.68% of the total offered in the Auction.


The process of presenting biodiesel offers by the plants and selection by the distributors for voluntary mixing took place on 6/10/2020. 2,700,000 liters were made available, 74.07% of producers holding the Social Fuel Seal, a volume that represented 15.97% of the total unsold offer balance for mandatory addition purposes. At this stage, there was no negotiation.


The Biodiesel Auctions are intended to comply with Law No. 13,263, of March 23, 2016, and Resolution No. 16, of October 29, 2018, for implementing the evolution schedule of the mandatory addition of biodiesel to diesel oil sold to consumers Final.


It should be noted that the 73rd Auction (L73) aims to guarantee the supply of biodiesel in the national market during the period from July 1 to August 31, 2020, according to the criteria established in Public Auction Notice No. 003/20-ANP.


See the approved results of the L73 on the biodiesel auctions page:





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