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Agents start 2021 optimistic about the price of ethanol

01/05/2021 | 19h02
Agents start 2021 optimistic about the price of ethanol
Divulgation Divulgation

Agents in the Brazilian sugar-energy chain are optimistic at the beginning of 2021 regarding the profitability of the ethanol and sugar segments. According to researchers from Cepea, this occurs despite the uncertainties regarding the conditions of the sugarcane fields in the Center-South region in the year 2021/22.


The dry climate of 2020, which did not harm the 2020/21 season, may delay, to some extent, the development of the cane to be harvested in 2021. Thus, the current expectations of the hydrated ethanol market agents - reflected, to a certain extent Likewise, in futures contracts traded at B3 - are that the values operate, for most of the year, above R $ 2,000.00 / m³. Only in April, May, June and July, when the expected selling pressure is greater, the values should be just slightly below this level.


At B3, the December / 21 contract reaches R $ 2,135.00 / m³, higher than that of December / 2020, which was R $ 2,105.50 / m³.

Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office Cepea
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