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Natural Gas

A new Public Call for the acquisition of NG will be launched by distributors in the South, Southeast and Midwest

01/08/2021 | 16h08

A new Coordinated Public Call for Pipeline Gas Distributors in the South, Southeast and Midwest is about to be launched. With a total acquisition volume projected at more than 6 million m³ / day, for the medium term, the initiative is committed to contributing to the opening of the natural gas market in the country, through the diversification of sources and supplying agents, seeking offer greater competitiveness to the markets served by boosting competition in the supply of natural gas. Participating in this process are MSGÁS (Gas Company of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul), GasBrasiliano (Gas Brasiliano Distribuidora), COMPAGAS (Companhia Paranaense de Gás), SCGÁS (Companhia de Gás de Santa Catarina), and SULGÁS ( Gas Company of the State of Rio Grande do Sul).


The launch of CP22 - as the process will be called - is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 and includes a contracting potential for the period 2022/2023 of up to 3.5 million m³ / day, with the objective of partially complementing the volumes already hired by the Companies to serve their markets in the period in question. As of 2024, the volumes are indicative and project the total potential service of the markets of the distributors participating in the process, thus exceeding the 6 million m³ / day mark.


This will be the second process conducted by the distributors to contract supply through a public and competitive process. “The first edition of Chamada Pública opened up possibilities to strengthen and articulate relations with market agents, such as transporters and suppliers, and with that, it was possible to deepen the technical studies for a new contract”, highlights Rafael Lamastra Jr, CEO of COMPAGAS . “Throughout the process, several challenges and barriers were identified, mainly related to gas transportation. We want to contribute in an institutional way so that we all have regulatory and contractual security in order to mitigate the risks involved and guarantee the sustainable evolution of the sector ”, he adds.


The distributors are very optimistic about the launch of the CP22. “We hope that this process will contribute to increasing the number of natural gas providers in the Brazilian market, an essential step so that we can have a more competitive gas price and thus benefit our consumers”, points out the CEO of SULGÁS, Carlos Camargo de Colón .


In addition to contracting gas for immediate service to their markets, the distributors also want to deepen the evaluation and studies of potential supply projects for medium and long terms, such as any new LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) regasification terminals to be installed in the Southern region of the country.


The unified notice and the respective terms of reference will be made available on the distributors' websites, upon the launch of CP22 - scheduled to occur until March 2021. As in the first process, due to the specific characteristics of each distributor in relation to volumes and points delivery terms, the terms will be individualized by the Company, but all other information will be treated in a coordinated manner between the five concessionaires.


Participating companies' websites: 






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