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ANP Bidding Round

17ª Bidding Round: ANP presents technical information on the areas offered

06/16/2021 | 15h07
17ª Bidding Round: ANP presents technical information on the areas offered
Art T&B Petroleum Art T&B Petroleum

ANP held yesterday (15/6) the Technical Seminar of the 17th Bidding Round. The event, which was virtual and broadcast by the ANP channel on YouTube, aimed to present technical information about the areas that will be offered in the round.


At the opening of the seminar, ANP director José Cesário Cecchi stated that the resumption of bidding rounds is extremely important for the socioeconomic development of Brazil.


"This event aims to contribute to ensuring the national supply, proposing areas with large prospects, such as the Santos Basin, in addition to certify the continuity of investments and exploratory activities, such as the Campos and Potiguar basins, and promoting the increase of geological knowledge and the discovery of new producing areas, such as the Pelotas Basin. Seeking to maximize national production and accelerate the development of the pre-salt, in an unprecedented way, exploratory blocks located beyond 200 nautical miles are also on offer in the Santos Basin, encouraging the exploration and use of petroleum resources located in the extension of the Brazilian continental shelf”, he added.


The 17ª Bidding Round is schedule to take place on 7/10/2021 and will feature 92 exploratory blocks, located in four Brazilian sedimentary basins: Campos, Pelotas, Potiguar and Santos.


See the presentation at the Seminary.


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