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a tn petróleo


How it
all began
Year 1998 - In Brazil, we were just beginning to understand which way to go when opening the doors for new market players in the country.

That was when Benicio Biz Editores reached out to the industry with an important ally: a talent for art and design. Launching TN Petróleo – the first Brazilian technical magazine specialized in TECNOLOGY AND BUSINESS for the oil and gas markets – the publication quickly became a source of reference and consultation for industry professionals and researchers.

It was a year later that our English language magazine, T&B Petroleum Magazine, was first published, travelling with us to many countries, including as the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Argentina, France, Spain, China, and India, among many others. The initiative produced a fantastic and rich exchange of knowledge that gained the credibility of these complex markets more and more.
Looking back, we don’t even believe the journey we’ve had learning, exchanging, developing and growing – not to mention how we have helped others to do the same.

T&B Petroleum magazine has been the undisputed source of news and information for Brazil's bustling energy market for twenty years. Our main area of activity is the generation and management of professional and corporate educational content. No other publication in or out of Brazil has the technological and business analysis to meet the demands of the energy sector. Each issue contains vital information compiled by the intelligence units of T&B Petroleum: following the movements of the industry's market players, economic indicators, government regulators, and sector engineers and scientists. T&B Petroleum is a must for any business entering Brazil's market and an ally to the industry's domestic and multi-national companies that regularly appear in its pages.

T&B Petroleum magazine has become an important communications hub between the domestic and international markets. Benicio Biz is inevitably associated with innovation – indelibly connected to technology – and it has been our mission to cover the best in the latest products, disseminating knowledge by focusing on the people and teamwork behind the technology and services that make a difference across the industry.

Back in 1998, some thinkers of the corporate world proposed new ways of managing people in companies, which included the 360° vision of the individuals that opened up space for a multidisciplinary development of these professionals. It was at the same time that companies from all over the world came to Brazil to be part of a promising new market, which included the internationalization in Brazilian companies.

That is when the social and cultural aspects became of great importance in commercial relations. We are proud that our Coffee Break section of T&B Petroleum was the perfect link to bridge the best information on technology and business with an ideal portion of art and culture of the Brazilian market.

If you are in need of information on the Brazilian oil & gas or energy sector, we are confident that T&B Petroleum is your best resource. T&B regularly monitors the movements of these organizations and dozens of private sector companies to give our clients the latest developments that can make the difference when operating in Brazil's fastest growing industry. Our magazine provides the best presentation and analysis of the technological changes transforming the industry for twenty years.

We regularly participate and organize the Brazilian delegations at the world's most important industry trade fairs – OTC, WPC, etc.

It is all part of a long story, one that still has many chapters ahead, but one that we believe is rooted in the quality and value of the information that is offered to its public: Communications that are clear, responsible and effective is more urgent than ever.

Although social networks create connections between people that had never been previously imagined, we must not forget that it is the physical presence that truly brings people together, and Benicio Biz has used art and communications to do so for more than 20 years – but we could not have done it alone.

That is why we wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to our suppliers, partners, clients, family and especially our team of collaborators, who with love, dedication and deep friendship have made it possible all these years.

We are ready for the next phase, renewing our commitment for the coming years and we count on all of you. Thank you!

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