How it all began

Year 1998 - In Brazil, we were just beginning to understand how things worked, imagining what ways we would still go with the flexibilization of the market opening the doors for the entry of new players in the country.

In this scenario, Benicio Biz Editores reaches the industry bringing in an important ally: art! And launches TN Petróleo - the first Brazilian technical magazine specialized in TECNLOGY AND BUSINESS for the oil and gas markets. The publication has quickly become a source of reference and consultation for professionals and researchers.

A year later, T&B Petroleum Magazine was first published and with it we traveled to many countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Argentina, France, Spain, China, India, and others countries, producing a fantastic and rich exchange of knowledge, conquering more and more , the credibility of these complex markets.

Remembering that we began to explore the world with only one year of existence! At that moment, the information assumed a role of extreme importance in the life of professionals and companies. It was time to learn, exchange, develop and grow.

T&B Petroleum magazine for twenty one years is an undisputed source of news and information for Brazil's bustling energy market. Its main area of activity is the generation and management of professional and corporate educational content. No other publication in or out of Brazil has the technological and business analysis to meet the demands of the energy sector. Each issue contains vital information compiled by the intelligence units of T&B Petroleum: following the movements of the industry's market players, economic indicators, government regulators, and sector engineers and scientists. T&B Petroleum is a must for any business entering Brazil's market and an ally to the industry's national and multi-national companies that regularly appear in its pages.

T&B Petroleum (magazine and site) has become an important communications hub between the national and international markets. Benicio Biz is inevitably associated with Innovation- usually innovation is associated with technology - but ours is pure knowledge and our focus always the human being.

In the year 1998, some thinkers of the corporate world, began to bring a new proposal for the management of people in companies. This proposal contemplated the individual as an integral being, opening space for a multidisciplinary formation of these professionals. At that time also companies from all over the world came to Brazil to be part of a new market that gave very positive signals, stimulating a process of internationalization in Brazilian companies.

With this, social and cultural aspects became of great importance in commercial relations. And the coffee break section of T&B Petroleum was the perfect link to consolidate this thinking, blending the best information on technology and business with an ideal portion of art and culture of the Brazilian and International market.

If you are in need of information on the Brazilian oil & gas, or the energy sector in general, T&B Petroleum is your best resource: We regularly participate and organize the Brazilian representation at the world's most important industry trade fairs - OTC, WPC, etc. Our intelligence units have unique access into Brazil's leading sectorial institutions, including: ANP - the National Petroleum Regulatory Agency; ANEEL - the National Electricity Regulatory Agency; ONIP - National Organization for the Petroleum Industry; the IBP - Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute; and, Petrobras - the Brazilian state oil company. T&B regularly monitors the movements of these organizations, and dozens of private sector companies, to give our clients the latest developments that can make the difference when operating in Brazil's fastest growing industry. Our magazine for twenty years provides the best presentation and analysis of the technological changes transforming the industry.

It's a long story, full of hard work and intense overcoming of challenges, but written with immense seriousness! We will still have many chapters for the next few years, believing that the evolution of the sector is directly linked to the quality and value of the information that is offered to its public.
Communicating what we need in a clear, responsible and effective way is urgent!

Social networks shape our relationships as unlimited, creating connections previously never imagined by man .... But we must not forget that it is the physical presence of the meeting that truly welcomes, consoles, helps, supports and reconciles.

The energy that moves the world in the first place is the people!

They determine how things will work in business and society. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) one billion people move regionally and externally in the world today. And this certainly has significant impacts on the economy, art, culture and communication of the various societies.

Art and communication go together since the beginning of man's existence.
And the beauty represented by all forms of artistic manifestations fulfills its role of bringing hope and strength to human activity.
Certainly one of the reasons man creates is an irresistible urge to restructure himself and his environment ideally.
Nobody does anything alone. Living in harmony is the great challenge of the century for humanity! This is the bet of Benicio Biz for life: a loving and creative interconnection.

And that is why we thank all our suppliers, partners, customers, family and especially our team of collaborators, who with love, dedication and deep friendship all these years made this possible.

We renew our commitment for the coming years and we count on all of you. Thank you!


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